It’s the Season of Celebrity Wedding Dances; Who Shocked, Who Rocked?

Wedding dance compilation

Ah, the wedding season is almost over. While we bid adieu to the glamorous canopies filled to the brim with chandeliers, and processions of well dressed men and women, it is also time to recollect. This wedding season, our celebrities certainly set the dance floor on fire, upping the oomph factor for the season’s weddings.

Be it Zara Noor Abbas reinventing kathak with her sassy style, or Dur-e-fishan Saleem hopping around in what was a travesty of a wedding lehnga, there were a few hits and misses from this year’s season.

Our superstars delivered some mind blowing and remarkable celebrity wedding dances, helping their friends put up the most happening weddings of all. Here we have a list of some of the most memorable and dull celebrity wedding dances this year, which left us mesmerised and transfixed with the energy they oozed.

Zara Noor Abbas – Sassy and Elegant

The Khamoshi starlet delivered an infectiously energetic performance at her best friend’s wedding. Not only did Zara look gorgeous, her dance moves were absolutely killing, holding the onlookers in a trance. Without a doubt, the actress swayed gracefully, making sure her best friend had a mehendi ceremony to remember for years to come. Isn’t this what BFF’s are for? To make your wedding unforgettable.

Hania Aamir – Cute and Mesmerizing

What a bomb performance Hania Amir delivered on friend and producer Umer Mukhtar’s wedding. Hania’s energy and dance moves not only thrilled the audience but made many move with her. The beats were fast but so was Hania. Gracefully dancing with so much energy, the stage burst with Hania’s star power and sheer presence.

Hammad Shoaib – Strong and Infectious

This guy is just absolutely wonderful when it comes to dancing. Brilliant moves, infectious energy, Hammad Shoaib can simply ignite the dance floor with his thrilling dance performance. This time, the Kesi Teri Khudgarzi star, captured the onlooker’s attention at Umer Mukhtar’s shendi. It was a sight to behold.

Ushna Shah – Romantic and Groovy

This gorgeous diva gave an absolutely beautiful and thrilling performance on her own wedding. Ushna Shah danced to the beats of Lal Ghaghra in her own red bridal dress and damn did she look gorgeous. A happy, confident bride, grooving to the beats of her favorite song on her own wedding, now thats how you make your day memorable and unforgettable forever.

Hira Khan – Energetic and Lovely

Not only was Hira’s proposal to husband Arslan Khan a dreamy affair, the duo’s entire wedding was just plain romantic. Hira and her husband delivered such a beautiful dance together on their mehendi ceremony that the entire audience went aawwww. It was romantic, the energy buxxing and the duo’s chemistry, crackling. This was had to be a favorite.

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem – Awkward and Out-of-Tune

We absolutely love Dur-e-Fishan but this time her dance performance at Hira Khan’s wedding just didn’t do anything for us. Dur-e-Fishan seemed out of tune, ill at ease with her moves and perhaps overall awkward. Also, her dress was the talk of town as commenters and netizens questioned her choice of apparel and the loose fit besides the beautiful Hira Khan. We wonder why? Because she is usually graceful and stunning in whatever she does and wherever she is spotted.

Dananeer – Meh and Off Tune

Even though she’s always the one bursting with energy and sparkle, Dananeer’s recent dance performance at a wedding event was just meh. The social media influencer cum actress danced with a little awkwardness and seemed off tune, something which isn’t Dananeer at all.

The wedding season is over, but we can always savor the videos of our favorite stars absolutely killing it with their moves this season. Let us know who you liked on the dance floor and who was just Mehhh!


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