Ali Zafar Takes Baton from Qari Waheed Zafar to Deliver Soulful Rendition of Faslon ko Takalluf

Ali Zafar in Faslon ko Takalluf

Faslon Ko Takalluf is a naat as old as time itself. All of us can relate to memories of Qari Waheed Zafar expressing the deep religious sentiment of the naat through his words.

Faslon ko Takalluf is a true uniting force in Ramzan, as everyone comes together to experience the meaning of struggle in Islam, as narrated through the lyrics of the naat.

This Ramzan, Ali Zafar has taken the baton from Qari Waheed Zafar to deliver his soulful rendition of Faslon ko Takalluf.

What We Feel

Ali Zafar’s Faslon ko Takalluf engulfs you in an inspiring message of hope and blessing. Ali Zafar is gentle, elegant, and consistent with his voice. He delivers perhaps his most soulful performance, without missing on the greater message at hand.

The 10-minute experience truly ignites the Ramzan spirit, as you find yourself surrounded by the consistent acoustics and the pain of the message. Ali Zafar takes you to a whole new sphere of spirituality, and as the naat beautifully emphasizes, ‘hum wahan ja ker wapis nhi ayengey, dhoondhtay dhoondhtay log thak jayengey.’

Ali Zafar’s Coming of Age

How often has Ali Zafar mesmerized us all? How often have we all been left in awe of the singer’s vocal expertise and charisma? Faslon ko Takalluf is Ali Zafar’s coming of age.

He did show signs of what’s to come in Balaghal Ula Bi Kamaalihi, but Ali Zafar has swept us away with Faslon ko Takalluf. Let us all hope that he keeps continuing his growth as a vocalist and delivers more of this every Ramzan.

The Message of Hope in Faslon ko Takalluf

The lyrics encourage Muslims to develop a more personal and intimate relationship with the Prophet, rather than focusing solely on formalities and rituals. The naat expresses the idea that true love for the Prophet comes from the heart, and it cannot be measured by external actions or appearances.

This Ramzan brings with it a message of hope and survival. Let us all rise out of these complications because Hum bhi beybas nhi, bey sahara nhi.


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