Where Were Tanno and Saleeqa in Last Episode of Kaala Doriya?

Kaala Doriya
Kaala Doriya last episode

In an industry profiting from sensationalism and storylines based on repetitive domestic feuds, Kaala Doriya was a wave of fresh air. It didn’t mean to inspire; it didn’t mean to revolt – in fact, not many of us will remember most of what happened in Kaala Doriya for a long time to come. However, it did what a peak Hum TV drama should do – it entertained.

Kaala Doriya, Hum TV’s popular comedy play, aired its last episode this week. Written by Saima Akram Chaudhry and directed by Danish Nawaz, Kaala Doriya starred Osman Khalid Butt and Sana Javed in prominent roles.

The comedy play was a relief for viewers otherwise host to saas-bahu scuffles and domestic tensions on-screen. Kaala Doriya harvested Suno Chanda’s fame to create an extended storyline that could create a similar impact.

What Happened in the Last Episode of Kaala Doriya?

The last episode of Kaala Doriya saw a much-deserved happy ending. Asfandyar and Mano finally got married after a roller-coaster ride of emotions and romance.

Both Osman Khalid Butt and Sana Javed delivered an energetic performance, and fans couldn’t stop but gush at Osman Khalid Butt’s energetic entry to the wedding. The comedic last episode wasn’t short on family unions and feel-good moments.

However, fans of the drama saw one major noticeable flaw in the storyline. Saleeqa, the mother of Asfandyar, played by Zainab Qayyum, and Tanno, the mother of Mano, played by Nadia Afgan, were both absent from the wedding and last episode in general. Imagine a wedding without both the bride’s mother and the groom’s mother.  

Where Were Tanno and Saleeqa in the Last Episode of Kaala Doriya?

There is no official confirmation yet on why Nadia Afgan and Zainab Qayyum were absent from the last episode of Kaala Doriya.

Actor Osman Khalid Butt responded to a query and mentioned that there were scheduling problems and both actors couldn’t make it to the shooting even while wanting to.

However, our team has caught hold of a confession made by Nadia Afgan (Tanno) while responding to queries online.

The actress can be seen saying that Danish Nawaz, Saima Akram Chaudhry, and Hum TV Marketing didn’t want to show much of her during the drama and the promotions for it. Nadia Afgan put the blame for this hypocrisy on her blunt nature and honest character. She also said that fans wanting to see more of her should see her bits on repeat because the team wouldn’t budge.

Lack of Industry Support

Besides the problems surrounding Tanno and Saleeqa’s absence in the last episode, there have also been questions regarding the subdued promotions and hype for the drama.

Osman Khalid Butt posted a social media message yesterday that hinted towards a lack of support towards Kaala Doriya’s script from everyone, top to bottom. The actor attributed the success of Kaala Doriya to the changing trends. According to Osman Khalid Butt, television producers and big-shots shouldn’t rely on peddling misery to produce a hit.

Despite being marred by promotional issues, a lack of support from industry insiders, and some internal rifts, Kaala Doriya has still managed to produce a decent last episode. The drama may act as a harbinger of change in an industry that has for ages focused on domestic feuds and rifts for ratings.


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