Momin Ali Munshi is All Praises for Gulabo Rani

Momin Ali Munshi on Gulabo Rani

Momin Ali Munshi has showered praises on Gulabo Rani for its exceptional storyline and enthralling horror sequences. The film is directed by Usman Mukhtar, who has truly impressed and amazed all with his direction and skills.

Momin Ali Munshi, founder of Galaxy Lollywood, was blown away by the gripping visuals and strong characters in the movie.

Strengths of the Film

Gulabo Rani starts strongly with an elongated buildup to the plot. Viewers can sense the spooky nature of the direction, as it not only fascinates, but scares them as well.

Momin Ali Munshi was particularly impressed by the brilliance of all young actors. The actors, although not as prominent in the entertainment industry, have worked to their best abilities. The protagonist Usama Javaid Haider is particularly impressive with his soliloquies and dialogue delivery.

Also Usman Mukhtar has impressed in this new avatar, and we may just see more of him in the direction front. Gulabo Rani turns heads and does what a horror movie should do. All credit goes to Usman Mukhtar for first imagining and then setting the set ablaze with brilliant direction.

Good Signs for the Future

Gulabo Rani promises good signs for the future of short films in Pakistan. Besides exciting viewers in Pakistan, Gulabo Rani won the Best Short Film Award at the LA Sci-Fi & Horror Festival 2022!

Momin Ali Munshi, founder of Galaxy Lollywood, has been following the local entertainment scene for well over a decade and a half. As a pioneer in the entertainment and digital reporting segment, Momin expects Gulabo Rani to initiate a trend of exciting short-films that appeal to the local audience.

For now, we can enjoy the brilliance of Gulabo Rani and bask in the horror it serves. Let us all collectively hope and pray for more content of the nature in the future.


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