Reasons Why We’re Shipping for Farjad and Umeed in Fairy Tale

Farjad and Umeed in Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale is a coming -of-age narrative. Written by Sarah Majeed and Directed by Ali Hassan, Fairy Tale is just the dose of light fun and family humor you need to satiate your post-iftar cravings.

While viewers are singing praises of the serial, and YouTube views have sky-rocketed, the budding romance between Farjad and Umeed in Fairy Tale seems to be stealing the limelight. Both actors have done a decent job in their roles, and their building chemistry has made us all ship for them.

Farjad and Umeed in Fairy Tale are the Perfect Misfits

Farjad played by Hamza Sohail and Umeed played by Sehar Khan make the perfect match as misfits. They have shortcomings, and may appear stuck in their own problems, but when together they make the perfect team.

Umeed’s crankiness is perfectly complemented by Farhad’s stable-headedness. As much as we love this phase, we want the two to be together as soon as possible.

Farjad’s Unrequited Love is Heartbreaking

For a good part of the last few episodes Farjad has literally been thinking of Umeed throughout. His unrequited love for Umeed seems to be finally breaking through as he is shown thinking of her and smiling through the thought. Hamza Sohail has done a decent job as Farjad, as we can relate to the feeling of ‘ek tarfa pyaar’ that he is going through.

Umeed Gives the Best Gifts

Just last episode we saw Umeed get two gifts for Farjad. One as an apology for ruining his phone and the other for his birthday. The gifts are thoughtful and a sign of what’s to come. A couple that gifts well, lives well.

Umeed is Shocked at the News of Farjad’s Fiancé

The last episode ends with a scene where Umeed learns of Farjad’s fiancé. The shocking expression on her face and the sudden feeling of envy has us all shipping for the couple. Umeed does seem to be interested in Farjad, and this scene could well be the start of something for them.

For a good part of the first few episodes Farjad and Umeed in Fairytale had pushed each other away. Umeed couldn’t stand the sight of him. However, the two finally seem to be bonding and we’re loving every bit of it. We are without a doubt rooting for the couple and can’t wait to see more of them.


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