Pinjra Sets High Standards with Interesting Take on Parenting and Upbringing

Pinjra cast

Pinjra is a Pakistani television drama that premiered in October 2022 and aired its last episode this week. The show is a powerful depiction of the struggles of children troubled by problematic parenting, societal pressures, and comparisons within household.

Written by versatile writer Asma Nabeel, who passed away last year of Cancer while working on the script of the show, and directed by Najaf Bilgrami, Pinjra is produced under the banner of Showcase Productions of Wajahat Rauf and Shazia Wajahat.

The stellar cast of the show includes Hadiqa Kiani, Omair Rana, Sunita Marshall, Aashir Wajahat among some of the brilliant child artists that amazed us with their fine performances throughout.

Pinjra’s Unique Storyline:

The show follows young Abhaan’s journey as an almost rejected child who is struggling to make his own identity in his surroundings. His parents, especially his father, a slight inclination toward the elder siblings.

One of the most compelling aspects of Pinjra is its honest portrayal of domestic issues and how they impact parenting when two individuals are already trying to deal with their marital issues. The show doesn’t shy away from showing the emotional abuse that the mother played by Hadiqa Kiani experiences at the hands of her husband. It also explores the psychological toll that the abuse takes on the young boy and the difficulties he faces in trying to escape his situation.

The show also touches upon other important social issues such as the issues faced by single mothers. It highlights the patriarchal attitudes that are deeply ingrained in Pakistani society and how they contribute to the mistreatment of working women who are also single mothers.

Pinjra Last Episode:

As many viewers were expecting a tragic end to Abhaan’s journey, but fortunately the intriguing court room drama concluded in the boy’s favor and most of the things got sorted at the end.

The courtroom was presented with an interesting piece of evidence that ruled the court in Abhaan’s favor. The court saw how Umer lost control while passionately beating Abhaan and fell in that fervor. The evidence was the tilting evidence in the court case and changed proceeding in Abhaan’s favor.

Pinjra has had a significant impact on Pakistani society. The show has sparked important conversations about parenting, domestic abuse, child psychology, and more. The show has encouraged conversations in families and households regarding parental trauma and teenage imbalances.

Our Verdict on Pinjra

In conclusion, Pinjra is a powerful and important drama that addresses important social issues in Pakistan. Its honest portrayal of domestic issues and its impact on children’s lives is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

Pinjra is a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to create change. By shedding light on the issue of modern-day parenting, the show has contributed to the ongoing conversation about several social issues in Pakistan. It has also shown the potential of Pakistani television to tell important stories that resonate with audiences.


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