Express TV Sets Benchmark for Interactive and Informational Ramadan Content

Express Ramadan transmission

Ramadan is arguably the most lucrative time for a TV Channel in Pakistan. From Ramadan transmissions to Ramadan Special shows, there’s a surge in content production and consumption during the month. Audiences expect lighthearted entertainment leading up to and after Iftar.

This time however, we saw a year where Ramadan content was on a downward trajectory. Viewers and critics alike have been questioning the quality of most of the content. But during all this, we had Express TV rise to the occasion and dish out carefully planned Ramadan programming. Let’s discuss.

Express TV Ramadan Transmission

The channel’s transmission gives viewers a variety of informational and entertaining content to choose from. Express went above and beyond to offer something for the whole family to enjoy. Piyara Ramazan is hosted by Rabia Anum, who keeps a lighthearted approach throughout the transmission while also maintaining the decorum.

The religious segment with Molana Azad Jameel, Piyare Wazaif, is a beautiful segment allotted to religious discussions with the scholar. Viewers can also send in their queries from around the country which makes this program interactive with those watching from their homes.

Cooking Segment and Competition

This is followed by a cooking segment with Chef Arooj which harkens back to the classic Ramadan transmissions where a segment like such was a staple. Here we have the Chef giving simple tutorials for Iftar recipes and sharing cooking tips along the way.

Kitchen Master, which is in its second season now, has Chef Jalal as the judge. This daily segment is in the same vein as MasterChef and has two aspiring cooks competing for a chance to win. The challenges given to these contestants consist of a diverse list of dishes which are then judged at the very end of the show.

Guest Stars and Quiz Shows

Each transmission has a guest star showing up and participating in the activities. These included names such as Aimen Khan, Zubab Rana, Rabeeca, Yashma Gill, Muneeb Butt, Affan Waheed, Azlan Shah and more.

Quiz segments are also held with audience members on alternative days which include gift prizes. It is also of note that Khel Kay Jeet, hosted by Sheheryar Munawar, immediately follows the Ramadan transmission and has been a huge hit for the channel.

Our Verdict

So, to sum it up, Express TV has proven this Ramadan that educational and entertaining Ramadan transmissions can still be done. Viewers are constantly looking for informational content and they are bound to tune in when it’s provided to them. Viewers are also tired of the disrespectful tone of some other recent Ramadan transmissions and Express TV understood the assignment and delivered to the promise.

A big factor in the success of this transmission has been the carefully protected sanctity of the holy month. There are no distasteful segments or jokes made by the host at the expense of the audience. We hope Express TV keeps delivering on these standards and wins viewers with informational content.  


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