Pakistani Celebs React Strongly to Imran Khan’s Arrest

Imran Khan before arrest

The world of social media is alive with celebs, common people, and politicians revolting against the injudicious nature of Imran Khan’s arrest. The ex-PM and PTI leader was arrested in Islamabad, and was roughed up before being placed inside a heavily guarded Vigo.

Actors and celebrities have reacted strongly to the case and are asking for justice to prevail.

Annie Khalid Asks People to Come Out

Pakistani Singer Annie Khalid has asked people to come out in support of Khan and protest against the act.

Anoushey Ashraf Voices Her Disapproval on Instagram

Anoushey Ashraf turned to Instagram to pen a note of disapproval on the entire situation and how it has transpired.

Zara Peerzada Reacts

Zara Peerzada also took to Insta and blamed the establishment for the ex-PM’s arrest.

Ahmed Ali Butt Signals Doomsday

Ahmed Ali Butt took to Insta to predict signs of what’s to come. The host posted a cryptic message identifying the doom that is to come.

Maya Ali Calls it a Black Day for Pakistan

Maya Ali was visibly shaken by the proceedings of the day and took to Instagram to call this a black day for Pakistan’s history.

Hassan and Roshan

Singers Hassan and Roshan breathed fire through their combined Insta account, as they stood up to the establishment and questioned the motives. The singers posted this story:

Others Come Out in Support

From what we know yet, Twitter is currently down in Pakistan and it is hard to track who said what in the moment. From what we know Imran Khan’s arrest has initiated a wave across the industry and other prominent names including Adnan Siddiqui, Armeena Khan, Qurutalain Baloch, Shafaat Ali, Hasan Raheem, Khadijah Shah, Frieha Altaf, and Sana Faysal have all spoken up against the ex-premier’s arrest.


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