Celebrities Breathe a Sigh of Relief After Imran Khan’s Release

Celebrities, actors, and showbiz individuals have all breathed a sigh of release after Imran Khan’s release. Actor Imran Abbas was the first to talk about the situation and call it as unprecedented

“For the first time in my life, I witnessed people literally having tears in their eyes with happiness and gratitude to God. They were exchanging sweets and almost everyone was hugging each other. The immense love for Imran Khan has crossed every level this time.”

Actress Zarnish Khan also took to Instagram and called this inspiring. She said Allah is with us.

Atiqa Odho called Khan as Allah’s Batsman and wrote about Imran Khan’s release.

Actress Syra Khan also shared a story while performing Umrah and covered the details of Imran Khan’s release. “I believe, along with other things, Allah gave me this opportunity to specifically pray for him, his safety and for my beloved country and its people. May we stand together, rise together and break out of the chains of fascism,” she wrote.

Model Fouzia Aman also took to WhatsApp to share her views on the premier’s release.


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