Bilal Qureshi’s Shooting Scene in Meesni is More Comedic Than Serious

Meesni shooting scene

It is a fact that 7 PM dramas on television channels don’t have the budget or the star cast and crew of other prime-time 8 PM dramas. Meesni, which is Hum TV’s 7 pm offering, is a typical family story that follows the common notions surrounding greed in our society. The latest shooting scene in Meesni has drawn public criticism for failing to look realistic and poor directorial standards.

Shooting Scene in Meesni

The shooting scene in Meesni is more comedic than serious. Waleed, played by Bilal Qureshi, is cornered by a local gunda and shot at point-blank range. While shooting scenes or feuds are often shot through a serious lens, this particular scene from Meesni draws more giggles than frowns. Written by Muhammad Asif and Directed by Sikandar Ali, Meesni does leave a few questions after this scene.

Using an iPhone Cover

The comedy of errors starts when Waleed is seen calling someone through an iPhone case rather than an actual phone. We understand iPhones are expensive and directors might not want to risk one during the direction process, but yeh tou had hogayi.

Poor Bilal Qureshi tries his best to not show the cover, but the blatant nature of the scene makes the job harder for him. Eventually he has to let go of it while falling down.

Unrealistic Fall

Not like we’ve ever been shot at point-blank, but one would expect blood to trickle or rather flow. We understand PEMRA has certain regulations on showing blood on television screens, but the very point of these regulations is to minimise the display of violence on screen. Not for directors to partake in the latter, without realism in the process.

Fast Recovery

Again, we don’t have experience with point-blank shootings, but we’re expecting it will take some time for Waleed to survive or even recover from one. While most viewers took Waleed to be dead after this episode aired, he was truly well and alive in the next episode. He’s definitely made of thick skin, which also could be a reason for zero blood loss in the afore-mentioned scene. Makes perfect sense now.

We usually cut low-budget dramas some slack, but the directional mess in Meesni is appalling even after doing so. We wish Waleed best of luck for what’s to come in Meesni, because if a gun shot at point-blank range can’t kill him, nothing else will.


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