Babylicious Sets Expectations for Release with Melodious Music Album

Babylicious Album
Babylicious Music Album Cover

What’s a love story without some soulful music? Music and love go hand in hand. In fact, melodies come second only to silence in expressing the inexpressible. Omer Essa Khan, the director and writer of upcoming Eid release Babylicious, has figured it out with soulful melodies to complement his real-life love story.

Babylicious Music Release

As the name suggests, Babylicious is a groovy love story that will take viewers through the ups and downs of love this Eid-ul-Adha. Starring Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra Yousuf in lead roles, Babylicious promises to be just as magical as the star cast.

The movie’s music album was recently released and ticks the right boxes with mystery, heartbreak, and dance numbers.

Starting the list is Ussay Jee Rha Hun by Sherry Khattak and Maria Unera. This number magically takes us to the budding romance of leads Shahroz and Syra. The lyrics and vocals point towards a buddinv romance that will go well with the movie’s storyline. Man Ranjhan by Nauman Shafi follows in the same breath with tales of love. The melody of Man Ranjhan is perhaps the most outstanding bit of the entire album.

Following this are singles Ranjhay Ko Na De Saza and Alvida by Asad Rasheed and Richie Robinson respectively. Both singers add their vocal strength to the song and focus on the separation in love. Alvida, especially, will bring some tears in the cinema hall.

Ghazab Kurriye is Babylicious’s last, and perhaps best entry. The groovy, dance entry is set to become a staple this wedding season and might be the talk of the town due to its upbeat music. Ahmed Jahanzeb has worked with Jonita Gandhi to do justice to the song and give us a groovy masterpiece.

Music Composers and Producers

Babylicious’s wonderful sound track and album is owed in part to the composers and producers behind the album. Adrian David Emmanuel has composed and arranged all songs in the album and has concocted the melodies we now enjoy. Additionally, Bilal Wajid has worked on programming all songs, with the exception of Alvida.

All in all, Babylicious’s music album covers all the titbits of a romance film. The album has melodies for love, odes for separation, and a groovy dance number to keep viewers hooked. We wish the makers all the best with their promotions and eventual release.


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