Are Current Pakistani Dramas Questioning the Sanctity of Marriage?

Problematic couples

The institution of marriage is a bond as old as time itself. Our society and religion thrive on the sacred bond a husband shares with his wife, and the love and respect that blossoms between them. While media plays an important role in upholding cultural values, many viewers have objected that current Pakistani dramas are questioning the sacred bond of marriage.

Tere Bin, Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha, and Yunhi All Highlight Disrespect and Contempt in Marriage

While our dramas have profited from stories revolving around broken/unhappy marriages, the current wave of content is alarming for viewers. All three current hits; Tere Bin, Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha, and Yunhi show marriages where brides either do not accept the norms of marriage or revolt against the institution itself. A couple even show female protagonists finding solace elsewhere, despite the heavenly contract of Nikkah.

Tere Bin and Mujhe Pyaar Hua are quite similar, because they show loving men in Saad and Murtasim. Both protagonists, played by Wahaj Ali, love their wives and try their utmost to sustain their marriage and limit external influence. However, sadly, both Saad and Murtasim find unrequited love in Maheer and Meerab.

Maheer is smitten by Areeb, while Meerab is too stubborn to realize what she has gained, and focuses more on the little she has lost. Both stories show the male protagonists trying to protect and fight for their marriage, but in the face of unnecessary resistance and pressure.

Yunhi is a separate case altogether. From what we have seen of the drama yet, Kim has forgotten her cultural roots, and the writers somehow hold her education and upbringing for that. Dawood, pretty much like Saad and Murtasim, is a young man in love who is willing to go to all extremes for his marriage. But again, he faces stiff resistance from Kim.

Are Current Pakistani Dramas Disrespecting Boundaries in Marriage?

As much as an ideal relationship is about respecting privacy, individuality and freedom, the same thoughts should be given towards setting boundaries in a marriage. It’s a surprise that all current dramas trivialize respect and commitment in marriage, and show revolting characters who’re ready to break free from the relation at the first chance.

It is time our writers, directors, and other stakeholders realize the role they play as harbingers of change in our society. We as critics and viewers wish to see better storylines, more sense, and adherence to cultural values in the content that airs on national television.


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