Is Hum TV Using Wahaj Ali’s Fame to Promote Previous Dramas?

Hum TV Using Wahaj Ali

Wahaj Ali is riding on newfound glory. He has transitioned from being just another actor to this year’s golden boy. Such is his fame that production houses are trying to engage him in new projects left, right and center. We even covered all of his upcoming projects in an article, and the list seems to be growing rapidly.

However, Hum TV are repurposing old content and promoting it on their social media and YouTube handles.

Hum TV is Promoting and Uploading Mah e Tamaam and Bharam on YouTube

Hum TV is Promoting and Uploading Mah e Tamaam and Bharam on YouTube. Mah e Tamaam first aired in 2018 and Bharam first aired in 2019. Both dramas had Wahaj Ali in a prominent role, and Hum TV couldn’t let the opportunity of cashing in on his fame slip by.

The TV channel posted a promotion for Bharam and marketed it for a release on their YouTube channel. Hum TV conveniently forgot to mention actress Noor Zafar Khan and fixated on the ‘hearthrob Wahaj Ali’, which is pretty evident of them trying to cash Murtasim’s fame.

Posting a Picture of Wahaj Ali as Murtasim Khan

Besides trying to promote Bharam through Tere Bin’s and Wahaj Ali’s newfound fame, Hum TV also seemingly used a picture Wahaj posted under the guise of Murtasim Khan. The image they’ve used for the promo was posted by Murtasim in a recent Insta post.

Other Channels Also Catching Up and Using Wahaj Ali

Besides Hum TV, TV One is also re-uploading episodes of Dil Na Umeed To Nahi. Starring Tere Bin hit couple Wahaj and Yumna, Dil Na Umeed To Nahin first released in 2021.

TV channels jumping on the fame bandwagon and trying to cash on Wahaj Ali’s popularity is a new for us. Obviously, nothing beats TRP and ratings, but it is always good to create new content rather than repurposing old content when an actor goes famous.


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