Abu Aleeha Opens Up on Upcoming Movies Taxali and Kukri

Abu Aleeha has become a massive part of Pakistan’s movie scene with multiple releases in a year’s time. Abu Aleeha’s “Kukri” and “Taxali” are next in the line of upcoming films but the director is also set to work on “Mango Jutt” – a Punjabi comedy film.

In an exclusive conversation the writer-cum-director gave audiences an insight to his next project. “Two Punjabi films has been offered to me since Super Punjabi and I’m already making “Mango Jutt” right after the Bari Eid” the director said, sharing details about the shooting locations.

Mango Jutt will be shot in Baku and Doha

Talking about Mango Jutt, the director said it would be shot in Doha and Baku. Regarding the cast, Abu Aleeha stated: “It’s too early to confirm, but we have sent the script to two big names and A-list actors in our showbiz industry, one of whom is an actor/comedian the other has done comedy roles in dramas“.

We are going for shoot right after the Bari Eid” – he confirmed.

Abu Aleeha is also excited about his upcoming film “Kukri” – previously named Javed Iqbal, which got banned right after its premiere in Karachi, last year. The film is coming to our cinema screens after getting a go-ahead from the censor board with a new title KUKRI – which is expected to be released on June 2 worldwide.

A film on Taxali Gate

The director went on talking about “Taxali Gate”, which is going to be released on Eid ul Adha, and said: “Taxali is a beautiful dark comedy filled with sheer humour that makes you think differently but deeply.”

Regarding the budget and location, Abu Aleeha stated, “It is my most expensive film to date, in terms of cinematic values, it meets all the requirements.”

 “We have shot the film on original locations, we actually got a permission from a brothel house to shoot some scenes there, I always seek original locations.

Furthermore, Aleeha hinted about the film’s plot by saying: “Heera Mandi and Taxali Gate are two different names for the same location; the metaphor is that you are able to reach Heera Mandi by passing through Taxali Gate; it’s one of the 12 doors of Androon e Lahore that leads to Heera Mandi, which is why we named it Taxali Gate.”

The tale centres on a murder that occurs at this location, and the investigation discovers startling occurrences linked to this murder. Taxali Gate differs from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Heera Mandi” in that they chose history, but we chose a dark comedy.

Kukri and Taxali Will Engage Viewers

I am expecting that Kukri and Taxali will engage cinemagoers, so independent film makers wouldn’t hesitate to invest in Pakistani cinema, he said on an ending note.

The films are unique in there genre especially Kukri has already impressed the audience by its theme, hope the cinema goers will enjoy them both! – Good luck to the team!


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