Director Shahzad Rafique Gears Up for Untold Rendition of Heer Ranjha

Heer Ranjha Cover

First penned in 1766, Heer Ranjha is a timeless fable that has become a massive part of our folk history. The poem has had multiple iterations, some taking away the gruesome nature of the story itself.

Heer and Ranjha offer a desi Romeo Juliet, the two ancient lovers have become symbols of love, second only to the cupid itself. Such is the popularity of the story that it has been covered by many poets, directors, musicians, and actors before. However, director Shahzad Rafique wants to bring the true details of the story to life with his own, unique iteration of Heer and Ranjha’s love.

What Sets This Version of Heer Ranjha Apart?

Director Shahzad Rafique depicts Heer’s story through the lens of rebellion and empowerment. In a time long ago, a young, brave woman stood up in rebellion and challenged norms set by the patriarchal society back then.

In the words of director Shahzad Rafique, “Heer Ranjha is one of the most discussed and narrated folk tales that represent Punjab. Although the story is captured for the silver screen abundant times in both the sides of Punjab however a few angles were never considered to be focused.”

The first angle is the honor killing of the main female character by her own uncle. This angle is shown however the brutality of the act never depicted on serious grounds. Then no one has ever thought that in a very rigid social setup where women do not have much voice a young girl rebelled against the norms. This is a very interesting angle that will be explored, presenting it in front of the modern philosophy of woman empowerment.

Shahzad Rafique Brings His Years of Experience to Heer Ranjha

Shahzad Rafique is a veteran film director and will be using all his experience to make Heer Ranjha an even bigger classic than it is. Shahzad Rafique has previously directed Salakhain, Mohabbataan Sachiyaan, and Nikah among other big hits. His eye for talent has also seen him give debut roles to talents including Ahsan Khan and Ahmed Butt. We’re yet to see who he will cast for this film, but can’t contain our excitement over the unique direction skills and talent he will add to the story.

Shahzad Rafique’s version of Heer Ranjha will be for the modern audience. It will focus on the rebellious Heer and the brutal aspects of the story that many versions have otherwise hidden from viewers. The film will be released in association with Film Bank Corporation GmbH and Khalil Rana Sahab.

The tale as old as time is now being refined and Shahzad Rafique will weave his magic through a modern rendition of this classic. Details regarding the casting and release of the movie are not yet out, and we at Galaxy Lollywood will keep you updated.


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