Javed Sheikh: A Rupee for Bollywood, But What About Lollywood?

Javed Sheikh in Interview

In a recent turn of events that has left many fans baffled and disappointed, Pakistani actor Javed Sheikh revealed that he demanded a measly Rs 1 to play Shah Rukh Khan’s father in the 2007 Bollywood blockbuster, ‘Om Shanti Om’. One can’t help but wonder if Sheikh would have been so generous with his asking price had it been a Pakistani film.

What Happened and Why Did Javed Sheikh Demand Rs 1?

Sheikh shared this interesting anecdote during a recent interview, stating that it was a matter of honor for him to be chosen by SRK and director Farah Khan for the role. He even went on to say that when the manager insisted on mentioning a fee for the contract, he decided to charge Rs 1 for the film. Surprisingly, it was the film’s team who decided on Sheikh’s actual remuneration, leaving him shocked by the amount on his first paycheck.

While Sheikh’s story might have been intended to highlight his sense of pride in working with the Bollywood bigwigs, it has instead sparked outrage among Pakistani internet users. One user wrote, “This is what you call not having any self-respect. The man didn’t even charge any fee for his job,” while another added, “Dunno why they put Indian actors on such a pedestal.”

Questions Raised on Javed Sheikh’s Loyalty

It’s true that Sheikh’s decision to practically work for free in an Indian film raises questions about his priorities and loyalty to the Pakistani film industry. Would he be so willing to lower his worth for a Lollywood production? Or is it just the allure of Bollywood that had our senior actor lowering his worth for a chance to rub shoulders with the likes of Shah Rukh Khan?

As ‘Om Shanti Om’ raked in a whopping Rs 78 crore at the domestic box office, it’s clear that Sheikh’s Rs 1 demand didn’t hurt the film’s success. But what does this say about the value he places on his own talent and contribution to the film industry? And more importantly, how does this reflect on the Pakistani film industry as a whole?


In a time when our local film industry is striving to make a name for itself, it’s disheartening to see celebrated actors like Javed Sheikh seemingly devalue their worth for a chance to join the glitz and glamour of Bollywood. Let’s hope that this incident serves as a wake-up call for our actors to recognize their worth and prioritize their own industry over foreign fame.


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