5 Punjabi Comedy Movies That’ll Make You Go Balle Balle with Laughter

Punjabi Comedy Movies

Punjabi cinema has always been a treasure trove of laughter and entertainment. The witty dialogues, hilarious situations, and relatable characters make Punjabi comedy movies a must-watch for anyone looking to have a good time.

Even if you’re a non-Punjabi speaker, these movies will leave you in splits with their impeccable comic timing and universal appeal. So, for all those craving some rib-tickling fun, here are five Punjabi movies you can watch today to get a hang of Punjabi comedy.

Chal Mera Putt (2019)

Chal Mera Putt is a hilarious tale of a group of illegal immigrants living in the UK, who are trying to make ends meet. The movie stars Amrinder Gill, Simi Chahal, and Iftikhar Thakur, who bring their A-game to the table with their comic timing and chemistry. The movie is an excellent example of situational comedy, where the humor arises from the characters’ daily struggles and interactions. The dialogues are a mix of Punjabi and Urdu, making it a treat for both Pakistani and non-Punjabi audiences. Chal Mera Putt is a perfect pick for a fun-filled movie night!

Bha Ji in Trouble (2013)

Featuring the legendary Gippy Grewal and Gurpreet Ghuggi, Bha Ji in Trouble is a laugh riot that revolves around the life of a con-man. The movie is packed with witty one-liners, rib-tickling situational comedy, and an ensemble cast that leaves no stone unturned to make you laugh. The movie also has a sprinkle of romance and drama, making it a complete entertainer. Don’t miss out on this one if you want to experience Punjabi comedy at its finest!

Saunkan Saunkne (2021)

Saunkan Saunkne is a recent addition to the Punjabi comedy scene, starring Ammy Virk, Sargun Mehta, and Nimrat Khaira. The movie is a family entertainer that revolves around the rivalry between two families and the love story that blooms amidst the chaos. The film is loaded with hilarious moments, thanks to the exceptional comic timing of the actors and the witty dialogues. The movie is a perfect blend of comedy, romance, and drama, making it an ideal watch for a fun evening.

Sher Bagga (2022)

Sher Bagga is an upcoming Punjabi comedy movie starring Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa. The film promises to be a laugh riot with its quirky characters and engaging storyline. Though the movie is yet to be released, the expectations are high, given the track record of the lead actors in the comedy genre. Keep an eye out for this one if you’re looking to explore the latest in Punjabi comedy!

Honeymoon (2020)

Honeymoon is a Punjabi comedy movie that revolves around the life of a newlywed couple and their hilarious misadventures during their honeymoon. The film stars Sharry Maan and Payal Rajput, who deliver commendable performances and keep the laughter coming throughout the movie. The film is filled with situational comedy, making it a perfect watch for those looking for comic relief and entertainment. In conclusion, Punjabi comedy movies have a unique charm that can make anyone laugh, regardless of language barriers.

These five Punjabi comedy movies are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Punjabi comedy, but they’re a great starting point for anyone looking to explore this entertaining genre. So, grab some popcorn and get ready for a laughter-filled ride!


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