A Desi Makeover for Ken from Barbie: 10 Pakistani Male Actors Who Would Ace the Role

Pakistani actors playing Ken

A popular and cherished character for decades, Ken from Barbie has left an impact on several generations of Barbie lovers. Known for his impeccable style, his role as a boyfriend and a friend, and lastly for his thrilling adventures, Ken is all deserving of the popularity surrounding him. With the Barbie movie releasing on July 21, Ken’s character will be portrayed by Ryan Gosling, and we could not help but wonder who would be the best Pakistani male actors fit to portray the iconic role of Ken on screen.

After presenting a list of Pakistani actresses who could nail the role of Barbie, the right step was to bring our readers a list of Pakistani male actors who can bring the desi version of Ken to life. Scroll down to see our choices:

Fawad Khan: The ever-green charmer and the heartthrob as a vision of desi Ken

Give Fawad Khan any role and we are sure he will hit it out of the park. Due to his unmatchable grace and irresistible charm, the heartthrob of the nation has built himself a fan base like no other. It is only fair that the star of Pakistan plays such an iconic role.

Hamza Sohail: Exuding playfulness and charisma

He came and he conquered. Already the star of the show Fairytale that garnered massive popularity among the fans, it is safe to say that Hamza Sohail will be the perfect choice to jump from one fantasyland to another.

Ahmed Ali Akbar: The sophisticated and elegant version of the iconic role

Ahmed Ali Akbar has proven his acting skills time and again due to his portrayal of complex characters on-screen. He has the ability to hook the audience to his characters whether it was as the Parizaad or Adeel Nawaz in Laal Kabootar. We are certain he will do justice with the role of Ken as well.

Bilal Abbas: An endearing vision of Desi Ken

Give him any role to play ranging from an undefeated antagonist to a loved protagonist and Bilal Abbas will not disappoint. Over the years he has played multifaceted characters with skill and grace, case in point Abdullah in Pyaar Ke Sadqay and most recently as Salman in Kuch Ankahi. We can vouch for Bilal and say with certainty that he won’t disappoint as the desi version of Ken.

Ahad Raza Mir: Witty and confident, setting the benchmark in the world of Barbie land

While we are all proud of Ahad Raza Mir for taking for his international ventures and his Netflix debut, it is time that we see Ahad Raza Mir gracing the Pakistani entertainment industry with his presence and give a treat to his fans with an iconic and memorable comeback. Well, we have the perfect role for him as the beloved character of Ken which he will knock out of the park due to his  endearing personality.

Khushhal Khan: Carrier of infectious energy and kindness

He is humble and down-to-earth and has half the nation crushing over him. In a short period of time, Khushhal Khan has won the audience over due to his soft-spoken nature and his passion for acting. Let’s not forget to mention his impeccable style. Well, we certainly do have high hopes from him if he goes on to play Ken.

Sheheryar Munawar: Cool and confident who is going to raise the bar

He is smart, witty, and intelligent and can effortlessly carry himself. Sheheryar Munawar has not only proven himself as an actor, but also has made a name for himself due to his writing and direction skills. His unfathomable talent and intelligence make us root for him.

Emmad Irfani: The perfect blend of sophistication and playfulness

Who wouldn’t want to see Emmad Irfani essaying the role of Ken in a sherwani, exhibiting confidence and allure? Well, we are certain most of us do. Emmad will be able to add the desi tarka to Ken while retaining the original elements and characteristics that we adore of the fictional character.

Haroon Kadwani: A vision of suave and elegance

A rising talent that is fast making his presence felt in the industry, Haroon Kadwani is one to look out for. The actor has given repeated hits, most notable ones include his telefilm Ruposh and his currently airing drama Jhoom. With his foreign education in acting, exponentially growing experience in the industry, and his ravishing personality, Haroon can doubtlessly pull off the character of Ken.

Feroze Khan: A captivating choice that will assuredly leave an impact

Feroze Khan’s magnetic personality and vivacious energy will uplift the role of Ken and will undeniably take the Barbie world by storm. He is known for essaying his characters with dedication and passion and can seamlessly switch from one role to another. We hope that he will teleport the same energy to the set of Barbie to create a memorable version of desi Ken.

All these actors are an exceptional choice that will add a contemporary twist to the celebrated character of Ken while adding a dynamic desi touch to the world of Barbie.

Which of these Pakistani male actors are you rooting for? Do let us know.


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