Sabeena Farooq Steals Show in Kabli Pulao with Stunning Pushto Impression as Barbeena

Barbeena in Kabli Pulao

Fresh from her success as Haya in Tere Bin, Sabeena Farooq’s remarkable portrayal of Barbeena in Green Entertainment’s latest drama, Kabli Pulao has caught the attention of many viewers.

From the heart-touching Pashto accent to mastering every nuance of the language, Sabeena Farooq has left audiences in awe with her outstanding performance!

Sabeena Farooq Perfects the Pushto Accent

When it comes to authenticity, Sabeena has hit the ball out of the park. Her dedication to perfecting the Pushto accent and embracing the cultural essence of the character is commendable. It’s no surprise that viewers are raving about how genuine and realistic she looked in the role of Barbeena.

Under the expert direction of Kashif Nisar, Kabli Pulao has truly flourished. Nisar’s skilled guidance has allowed Sabeena Farooq to shine as Barbeena and has elevated the drama to new heights. The chemistry between the director and the actress is evident on-screen, resulting in a captivating performance that leaves a lasting impact.

Barbeena Narrates Her Story in Kabli Pulao

One particular scene in Kabli Pulao where Barbeena narrates her story about Baraan has left the audience emotionally overwhelmed. As she immersed herself in the character’s emotions, Sabeena’s convincing portrayal brought tears to the eyes of many viewers. It’s moments like these that demonstrate her sheer brilliance as an actress.

The authenticity of Sabeena’s acting reached its peak during the kitchen scenes where she conversed entirely in Pashto. It’s undeniable that she nailed every aspect of her character’s identity, making it seem as though she truly belonged to the culture she portrayed.

Social Media Praises Sabeena Farooq’s Acting in Kabli Pulao

Social media has been buzzing with praise for Sabeena Farooq, with viewers showering her with appreciation. Many fans have taken to Twitter and other platforms to express their admiration for her dedication and hard work. Comments like “10 out of 10 for Sabeena,” “so damn good and real,” and “cannot express in words how good Sabeena’s acting was” are just a glimpse of the overwhelming support she’s receiving.

Beyond her acting skills, Sabeena’s role in Kabli Pulao has also sparked conversations about cultural representation and the importance of showcasing diverse stories on-screen. Her portrayal of Barbeena has resonated with many from the Pashtun community, who feel seen and heard through her performance.

The conversations around Kabli Pulao can undoubtedly be attributed to the exceptional efforts of the entire cast and crew. Sabeena Farooq’s exceptional talent, combined with Kashif Nisar’s directorial finesse, has created a drama that will be remembered for years to come.


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