Jannat Se Aagey Unmasks the Morning Show Madness With Intriguing Teasers

Jannet se aagay teasers

The upcoming Geo TV drama, “Jannat Se Aagey,” has sent waves of excitement among audiences, thanks to its gripping teasers that peel back the layers of morning show culture and the ruthless world of television. Starring the talented Kubra Khan alongside Ramsha Khan, Talha Chahour, and Gohar Rasheed, the drama promises an eye-opening experience as it explores the dark reality of morning shows and the unethical lengths some hosts go to chase ratings.

Produced by the acclaimed duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi of 7th Sky Entertainment, “Jannat Se Aagey” is directed by Haseeb Hassan and written by Umera Ahmed.

What The Teasers Show

In the first teaser, Kubra Khan shines as she presents a satirical take on Pakistani morning shows through her character Jannat, the host of “Rise and Shine with Geo.” In a flamboyant and over-the-top manner, Jannat parodies the extravagance and self-obsession often seen in real-life morning show hosts. The teaser promises a delightful yet thought-provoking exploration of the world of morning shows and the drama that unfolds behind the cameras.

The second teaser takes a dark and powerful turn as it exposes the heartless tactics employed by Jannat to boost her show’s ratings. She shamelessly exploits the emotions of the family of a rape victim, using their tragedy as a tool for entertainment. The distressing scene shows Jannat forcing the family to cry on television, raising questions about the moral boundaries of the media industry and the cost of pursuing fame and success.

Unveiling the Woman Behind the Facade

The third teaser offers a glimpse into Jannat’s own struggles and vulnerabilities, unmasking the woman behind the glamorous facade of a morning show host. While she may portray herself as confident and in control on screen, the teaser hints at deeper issues that haunt Jannat. The drama delves into her personal journey, exploring the reasons behind her desperate pursuit of ratings and the consequences of sacrificing her principles for success.

An Ensemble of Stellar Talent

“Jannat Se Aagey” boasts an impressive ensemble cast, with Kubra Khan leading the way with her powerful performance as Jannat. Accompanying her are Ramsha Khan, Gohar Rasheed, Talha Chahour, Lubna Aslam, Shahryar Zaidi, Hina Bayat, Saboor Aly, Faiza Gilani, Azlan, Hoorain, Sohail Khan, Aina Asif, and Sara Ashraf, each contributing their exceptional talents to bring the narrative to life.

Our Verdict

As the release date of “Jannat Se Aagey” draws near, the teasers have created anticipation for a drama that promises to be more than just entertainment. It aims to challenge the status quo of morning shows and shine a spotlight on the darker side of the television industry.

Kubra Khan’s portrayal of Jannat will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact, inviting viewers to reflect on the consequences of chasing success at any cost. Stay tuned for the enthralling journey that “Jannat Se Aagey” has in store, as it unravels the tangled web of ambition, exploitation, and the search for redemption. Don’t miss this thought-provoking drama, coming soon on Geo Entertainment.


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