What’s Happening With The Abbasi’s?

Abbasi family

In a family drama that’s turned into public turmoil, Anzela Abbasi, the daughter of Juvaria Abbasi and Shamoon Abbasi, recently tied the knot in a sequence of grand functions. However, despite the joyous occasion, the aura has been pierced by sham, cryptic social media posts and controversial remarks.

Absence of the Father, Shamoon Abbasi

Despite the fanfare, one crucial family member was conspicuously missing from the festivities. Shamoon Abbasi, Anzela’s father and Juvaria’s ex-husband, was not in attendance. Shamoon took to social media to address this glaring absence. In a Facebook post, he claimed his decision to distance himself from ‘shameless people.’ He made it clear that he never wanted any association with ‘impudent and immodest’ individuals, irrespective of their relationship to him.

The post was heavy in tone and ambiguity. It left many guessing who Shamoon was referring to in his cryptic message before it was taken down. The question still lingers, whose behavior provoked Shamoon’s bitter words?

Juvaria’s Mysterious Retort

In probable response to Shamoon’s statement, Juvaria shared her own post on Instagram. The post, including the line ‘a healthy mind doesn’t speak ill of others,’ was seen by many as a cryptic retort to Shamoon’s outburst. The back-and-forth saga has left fans and followers scratching their heads, translating these uncertain social posts into veritable indirect ping-pong discourse.

Anzela’s Controversial Response Over Wedding Dates and Attire

Moving on from the parental feud, Anzela has found herself embroiled in controversy. She came under fire for her decision to wed during Muharram, a holy month for many. When questioned, Anzela replied with a dismissive ‘now I have to educate you over names. Nah, this wack’. This tone-deaf response has been poorly-received, drawing the public’s ire.

Additionally, Anzela’s choice of attire throughout the wedding ceremonies was also questioned by some. Her dresses, although modern and elegant, deviated from traditional norms, leaving some traditionalists discontented.

Shamoon Abbasi’s Unfortunate Accident Amidst the Chaos

In the midst of this conundrum, Shamoon Abbasi has been through a harrowing ordeal. Adding to the existing tension and upheaval, he found himself in a car accident. Following the incident, Shamoon took to social media to reveal his predicament. He posted a picture of his heavily bandaged face as he recuperated from the crash.

With the existing controversy surrounding his absence from his daughter’s wedding, one can’t help but ponder the extra weight that this accident may have added to the emotional and physical well-being of the involved parties. This unfortunate event brings the existing hardships of the Abbasi family into even sharper focus.

News of Shamoon’s accident was revealed earlier by sister Anoushay Abbasi on Instagram. The actress shared the message below on her story:

Our Thoughts

There seems to be more than meets the eye in the Abbasi family drama. With cryptic social media posts from Shamoon and Juvaria, and Anzela’s controversial remarks and attire, the wedding celebrations have become an intriguing backdrop to emerging scandals. As fans and the public scurry to piece together the puzzle, the brouhaha ensures one thing – the events happening with the Abbasi’s are anything but ordinary.


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