Emotions Ride High In The Teaser Of Shoaib Akhtar Biopic “Rawalpindi Express”

Rawalpindi Express Biopic

Gohar Rasheed plays Shoaib Akhtar in his latest biopic and manages to impress as the beloved Rawalpindi Express. The movie will largely follow Akhtar’s life and struggles as he becomes one of the world’s fastest bowler, making a mark for himself in international cricket.

We saw a glimpse of the picture in the recently released teaser for Rawalpindi Express and will discuss our views here.

The Story

The teaser begins by showcasing a baby born with a problem. The mother is worried but the kid is determined to run and run fast for Pakistan. Scenes then build about narrating Shoaib’s journey from when he didn’t have any popularity as a rookie operating from a backward place with misplaced enthusiasm yet loads of determination and confidence.

As Shoaib Akhtar, Gohar Rasheed has a determined appearance, hard and roughened, very apt for the part. Written by Qaiser Nawaz and directed by Muhammad Faraq Qaiser, Rawalpindi Express brings across a tale of a cricketer who won against all odds.

The Reception

The teaser was greeted with appreciation in the world of cricket and film fanatics alike. Cinematography seems at par with the best films to have released in Pakistan over the last year, however one cannot help wonder if the life events showcased in the movie have been more or less dramatized for the sake of cinema.

Gohar Rasheed, who is an actor par excellence, has perfectly moulded himself, his accent, body language and vibe pretty much similar to that of the former Pakistani fast bowler. Akhtar’s determination is put across as strong as iron by Gohar Rasheed despite the mocking and laughing he is shown to be receiving at the hands of friends, foes and family.

For now the teaser offers an interesting peek into Shoaib Akhtar’s life as the Rawalpindi Express and considering the fan following the ex fast bowler enjoys, it won’t be incorrect or much too hopeful to expect the film to do decent business once it hits cinemas all over.


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