6 Pakistani Dramas We Wished Had A Different Ending

Pakistani drama endings

Over the years, the Pakistani drama industry has produced many dramas that have become classics with time. However, unfortunately, many of those dramas have ended in ways different to what people expected.

Today we have rounded up a list of 6 recent Pakistani TV shows that we just wished would have ended differently. Let us know if you agree with us.

Baby Baji

Although we loved the ending the popular and much loved Baby Baji had, we just wished it could have ended on a happy note with Wasif having realized his mistakes, Azra apologized to her mother in law and Waleed having made it big in life with his mother’s prayers. A happier ending would have given the audience something pleasant to remember Baby Baji with.

Mere Pass Tum Ho

This Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s big hit ended on a pretty sad note with Danish losing his heart and life over Mehwish’s betrayal. He loved the woman with all his might and when she left him for petty money, he became more or less like a robot, eventually dying because his heart stopped working. However, it would have been better to show a remorseful Mehwish suffering because of her own decisions and Danish happily settled with Roomi and having moved on from Mehwish. But we cannot get everything we wish for and the ending of Mere Pass Tum Ho was one such affair.

Pyare Afzal

Another one of Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s major drama where we had to suffer watching Hamza Ali Abbasi’s character (Afzal) die after having been shot. Pyare Afzal was a much loved, popular drama and with the last episode showing how Afzal dies, the entire fan following was heart broken. The drama could have ended on a better note, with Afzal rectifying his past mistakes, becoming a man of better character and moving on to live a normal life with Farah or Yasmeen, whoever he wanted. But alas… it couldn’t be so and we had to sit on the edge of our seats, watching Afzal take his last breathe while confessing his love to Farah.. *heartbreaking moments*

Pehli Si Mohabbat

This Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawwar starrer was an audience favorite for quite some time. After the duo set the stage on fire in Parey Hut Love, the duo’s romance was a highly sought after affair in Pehli Si Mohabbat. The drama garnered quite a lot of attention and had a good run but it all just settled down at the bottom when the last episode went on air. We were hoping for a union for Aslam and Rakshi ever since the first episode but were left highly disappointed when the duo settled for an evening together when they had the chance to a lifetime.

Sang E Mah

Atif Aslam’s debut as Hilmand in Sang E Mah was highly appreciated. The drama revolved around the ancient traditions of Ghag and how one sacrifices to save those they love. Sang E Mah followed the story of Hilmand and his desire to avenge his father’s death. However as circumstances develop, tables turn and Hilmand is left devastated when he discovers the one he wanted to avenge his father from had actually been shielding him from the truth all his life.

The drama showed Zarsanga and Haji Marjaan committing suicide to save themselves the embarrassment of appearing in front of their clan. Haji Marjaan who had been the tribal leader was posed as a strong and pious man but when the duo committed suicide, it left the audience divided over the matter of it being ethically correct or not. The drama, otherwise a hit, was questioned on its ethics after the final episode aired. We just wish it had not glorified suicide as the only way out of tribal embarrassment.


Alif needs no introduction. The drama was a masterpiece of its own. Perfect casting, excellent direction with a storyline that touched the heart, Alif was a class apart when it comes to Pakistani dramas. However, we still hold this teeny little grudge in our hearts against the makers of Alif for sending Qalb e Momin and Momina Sultan on their own separate paths.

Momin was shown busy with his calligraphy in Turkey while Momina decided to re-open Master Ibrahim’s house to continue the work of repairing Qurans that Husn-e-Jahan had started. The two found the purpose of their lives together and it would have been best had they been a shown together, living a peaceful, fulfilled life along each other. But of course, it just couldn’t be.


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