Mannat Aur Murad Teasers Pack An Emotional Punch

Mannat Murad

Drama serial Mannat Aur Murad will see Iqra Aziz making her comeback on television after a long hiatus. The powerhouse actor will star alongside Talha Chahour who managed to garner a lot of attraction with Wabaal, Jo Bichar Gaye, and Jannat Se Aagay.

A 7th Sky Entertainment production, the drama will have Wajahat Hussain at the helm of the ship as director and will be based on a story by Nadia Akhtar. Alongside Iqra Aziz and Talha Chahour, the drama stars Irsa Ghazal in a very prominent role. Geo Entertainment just released a few teasers of Mannat Aur Murad and we have to say that the drama seems like a good entertainer for a prime time slot.

The Plot for Mannat Aur Murad

The teasers of the drama are multi-faceted. In one place we have a story of a mother who has invested her life on her son and has raised him well. Chaudhry Murad is a mama’s boy, good looking, tall and handsome. His mother prides herself on his upbringing and has made him promise that she’ll be the one choosing her own daughter in law. The wheel of time turns and fate makes Murad meet Mannat. They fall hard for each other at first sight and things go haywire when Murad tries to convince his mother for Mannat.

In a parallel universe, we have Mannat, born and raised well in a upper class household. Mannat’s parents consider her their pride and have given her all the luxuries and freedom in the world. Mannat, seems to be an obedient girl, who enjoys the freedom her parents have given her but respects her boundaries at all times. She’s bold, headstrong and does what she pleases, without offending her parents.

The Reception

Irsa Ghazal’s character seems to be the comedic and emotional element holding and carrying the story of Mannat Aur Murad forward. Although Iqra Aziz and Talha Chahour will be playing the lead couple, Irsa Ghazal’s comic timing and emotional punches have held the audience captive, making them anticipate the on air date for Mannat Aur Murad.

Iqra Aziz, is usual her attractive self, delivering her reactions and emotions aptly, just with her eyes. Talha Chahour has managed to impress the audience in his recent television outings and it seems that he is all set to wow the audience one more time with Mannat Aur Murad.


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