Mikaal Zulfiqar Wins Praise As Sherry From Jaisay Apki Marzi

Mikaal Zulfiqar

It seems like playing shades of grey is the newest trend on television. We say this because, grey characters, who were once good, are resonating more with viewers than actual villains or the good guys on television. Currently we’re talking about Mikaal Zulfiqar and his character Sherry in Jaisay Apki Marzi, who has become an instant favorite of many, owing purely to the actor’s portrayal of the role and not because of the toxicity of the character he portrays.

Mikaal Zulfiqar has effortlessly slid into the role of Sherry, the sheer childish, dominating, chauvinistic, insecure, egoistic and abusive husband whose only motto in life has become to reduce his wife to tears. Sherry tortures Alizeh mentally and emotionally, often teaming up with his sister to emphasize himself as being the alpha male in the relationship.

Good Guy Mikaal Zulfiqar Plays Dirty

For viewers it has become exciting to watch the good guy Mikaal Zulfiqar play dirty on screen and reduce his wife Alizeh (Dur-e-Fishan) to tears on every occasion. We were shown Sherry as a responsible and open minded adult who appreciated female coworkers in his office but now has no space for appreciation for his wife. Mikaal as Sherry, wowed the audience with his effortless transition from a romantic to a wife harasser.

Mikaal Zulfiqar has always been a convincing actor and with the audiences hating Sherry with a passion, we can only say that he has been successful in getting the thought process behind the character right across. Zulfiqar’s expressions, his dialogue delivery and his mannerism is right on spot as a narcissistic husband, intent on gaslighting his wife and destroy her as a person.

Reception To Jaisay Apki Marzi

The audience has been appreciating the execution of Jaisay Apki Marzi’s storyline. The most noticeable thing about the drama isn’t the fact that it is touching upon such a sensitive topic but the fact that it has been ideally treated. Each and every instance in the drama is spot on. Especially the way Sherry reacted on Alizeh’s sister’s proposal, it was exactly how narcissistic men are known to behave. On top of this, the way Sherry left Alizeh behind while walking into a restaurant after their marriage has also resonated with audiences. The particular scene garnered a lot of appreciation, where a lot of people said how it reminded them of certain instances in their life.

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