From Toxic Lover to Monotonous Repeat: Is it Time For a Character Makeover For Danish Taimoor?

An angry young man walks in, marching straight up to his girlfriend and demands to know who the guy was. The background music is loud and threatening. The girl is scared out of her wits, the boyfriend exhaling fire with every word he utters. Seems like it’s the end for the guy in the red shirt. Does the scenario ring a bell?

But wait. It’s not who you’re thinking of. This isn’t Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh we’re talking about. Instead, it’s Danish Taimoor’s latest drama Rah e Junoon. Not that it’s any different from what Danish Taimoor has been doing lately. It seems like the character of a toxic, young male, obsessed with the female in his life, is Danish Taimoor’s choice of character.

Why Do We Say This?

Minus only Chaand Taara, all the dramas that Danish Taimoor has been part of recently revolve around the character of a toxic male who doesn’t stop at any length to inflict pain on his counterpart.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi with Dur e Fishan saw Danish Taimoor as Shamsher, a besotted lover who went to great lengths to destroy the life of this innocent girl. He snatched her away from her fiance, made life hell for her, and insulted her parents, only for the girl to fall in love with him in the end and for him to repent.

Ishq Hai on ARY Digital saw Danish Taimoor’s good character turn toxic because he was denied the love of his life. The besotted guy went so far ahead as to kidnap his own girlfriend and inflict pain on her, just because he wanted her in his life.

Next, let’s talk about the not-so-old, Deewangi with Hiba Bukhari. This is again, where Danish Taimoor played a besotted toxic lover boy who was hell-bent on destroying the life of the girl he took fancy with and she had the audacity to slap him. In the same line, we have Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Karta hai where again, Danish Taimoor was a rich, spoiled brat who paid girls to do his bidding and when he couldn’t break one’s resolve, he took her to the altar and then left her insulted in front of everyone, without marrying her.

It seems Danish Taimoor has only been changing channels and tweaking stories a bit here and there but playing the same character in all his recent plays. He plays the repeated character of a wealthy businessman who falls for an unafraid girl from the lower middle class. The girl goes to lengths to defy him and he goes to lengths to make her life hell. It’s all been the same.

Whether this guy favors his grey streak or someone told him, he looks better playing the same toxic, wealthy rich man in all his plays, Danish Taimoor doesn’t seem to stop. What he fails to grasp is that portraying the same character in every play diminishes his versatility and becomes exceedingly monotonous for the viewers. Even the audience has had enough of Taimoor playing repetitive characters in all his dramas for quite some time now. Maybe he needs to take a hint now and focus on a different character or else, he’ll be stamped with the grey characters and soon lose his followers.


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