Ayeza Khan Leaves Audience Impressed With Her Recent Performance In ‘Mein’

ARY Digital’s drama serial ‘Mein‘ refused to succumb to any criticism that came its way and now with nineteen episodes already in, the drama is not only doing well in terms of ratings but has slowly but assuredly established its popularity, gaining praise from the audience.

Among the key reasons why ‘Mein‘ stands tall, among the dramas currently on air, is of course owing to its talented and brilliant cast. Ayeza Khan, who is playing the role of the lead protagonist, Mubashira Jaffir has left the audience dazzled with her acting skills, in the previous few episodes, and has left no stone unturned when it comes to her performance.

The character

Ayeza Khan essays the character of Mubashira, an arrogant, wealthy woman, who is self-centred and has a stubborn nature. She refuses to surrender and clings firmly to her ego. Mein orbits around Mubashira and her journey of overcoming heartbreak and her battle against her ego after she is divorced by her husband at a party, celebrating their second wedding anniversary.

The story follows the character evolution of Mubashira as she marries her family friend, Zaid. Her ego and fits of rage come in between as she attempts to mend her relationships.

Not your typical damsel in distress

The last two episodes were pivotal in establishing the new plot twist and taking the story forward. Panick-stricken and petrified, Mubashira agrees to get Zaid married to the love of his life to stop him from divorcing her. Not only does she agree to the marriage but she also overlooks all the arrangements and convinces her father-in-law for the union. What’s more, is that Mubashira agrees to give in to Aira’s (Zaid’s second wife) demands.

On the surface, this plot might seem very regressive, however, the drama’s execution coupled with Ayeza’s acting skills make it engaging to watch. While Mubashira might have agreed to give in to Zaid’s wish, by no means has her character given up on her goals. Also, unlike most of the female protagonists, we see Mubashira is not someone who doesn’t cry over her misery but instead tries to take matters into her own hands.

The well-executed scene with the therapist

The much-raved-about scene, in which Ayeza calls her psychiatrist and urgently schedules an appointment, left fans in awe of her performance while evoking sympathy towards her character among the audience.

In that scene, Ayeza ate and left no crumbs. The actress portrayed her character’s contradictory emotions with so much elegance and conviction that we could not help but be fully invested with her character Mubashira. While at one moment she realized how defeated and helpless she felt, we could also see that Mubashira still believed somewhere that she could change the circumstances. What further melted our hearts was seeing Mubashira begging her psychiatrist for medicines that would aid her in sleeping and calming down.

Ayeza’s body language, with shivering hands and quivering expressions, and her excellent dialogue delivery, alongside her styling that made her look stunning and complimented her character, certainly won the hearts of the audience. With a new plot twist, we eagerly wait to see how ‘Mein‘ unfolds in future episodes.


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