What’s Next For ‘Namak Haram’ Beyond Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan’s Sizzling Chemistry?

HUM TV’s ‘Namak Haram’ promised us a suspense-thriller with an epic romance in its lineup of teasers and trailers. Produced by Momina Duraid, written by Saqlain Abbas, and directed by Shaqielle Khan, ‘Namak Haram’ revolves around a revenge plot with interesting twists and turns that question lifelong beliefs and test loyalties.

With Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan in the centre of the drama, alongside a strong supporting cast including Babar Ali and Sunita Marshall, Sajawal Khan, and Nabeela Khan among others, the audience was intrigued to see what the makers had in store.

With thirteen episodes already released, the drama has not disappointed us and has continued to keep the audience engaged. The drama revolves around Mureed, played by Imran Ashraf, whose family has been serving Amin Qureshi’s (Babar Ali) family for generations. Mureed, on the surface, plays the servant with unwavering loyalty but in the shadows, he is brewing revenge that he wants to take from Amin Qureshi for his mother.

Meanwhile, Sarah Khan embodies the role of Asma, the beautiful daughter of Amin Qureshi. As circumstances unfold and Mureed plots his revenge deeply, Asma and Mureed get married due to unfortunate circumstances, paving the way for future plot twists.

Introducing the new plot twist

The drama took a thrilling turn in episodes 11-12, unveiling a fiery twist when Asma becomes a victim of a fire accident, trapped in a chair tied by Mureed. Witnessing the house catch fire, Mureed rushes back and heroically rescues Asma. As Asma regains consciousness, the audience is treated to tantalizing glimpses of a budding romance between the two. Mureed’s caring gestures and the gradual easing of tension create an atmosphere charged with anticipation.

Undoubtedly, this element was a key selling point in promoting the drama. Viewers are overjoyed to witness the narrative steering towards showcasing the romantic chemistry between Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan.

Previously, Imran and Sarah have been lauded for their memorable portrayal of Musa and Zohra in ‘Raqs-e-Bismil’, having successfully crafted their own fanbase. The drama’s conclusion, featuring their characters getting married, left a lasting impression on the audience, eagerly awaiting to see their reunion on-screen.

Are Imran and Sara the only reason to tune in?

As ‘Namak Haram’ gains unprecedented popularity, the burning question is whether Sara and Imran’s sizzling on-screen chemistry is the sole driver of its success. The drama, initially set on an intriguing plot of revenge and suspense, has now reached a point where the storyline appears somewhat predictable. As Mureed’s revenge motives and the inevitable fate of Amin Qureshi seem apparent, the audience is a bit sceptical that the drama will fall prey to a monotonous and predictable storyline.

While our anticipation for the blossoming romance between Mureed and Asma keeps us engaged, we also hope for the drama to unleash a plot twist that not only keeps us hooked but also introduces an element of surprise. As Mureed edges towards concluding his revenge, we’re hoping for suspense interwoven with cinematic shots and adrenaline-pumping action scenes. This infusion promises to keep the drama vibrant and ensures it doesn’t lose its sparkle, preserving our engagement in every episode.

What are your thoughts about the drama? Do share with us.


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