Beyond The Script: Predicting Possible Endings For ‘Mein’

Having surpassed the thirty-episode mark, ARY Digital’s ‘Mein’ has successfully captured and maintained the audience’s attention. Despite facing its fair share of criticism, whether loved or hated, the drama possesses a certain hook that has turned it into a guilty pleasure for viewers, compelling them to tune in week after week.

Helmed by the skilled direction of Badar Mehmood and written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, the drama features a powerhouse cast led by Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan, creating a magnetic pull that draws audiences into the narrative.

As the story progresses, we find Zaid (Wahaj Ali), caught in the perilous predicament of having to choose between his two stunning wives, Mubashira (Ayeza Khan) and Ayra (Azekah Daniel). Poor soul, the victim of his own charm, struggles to decide which of his wives to spend time with.

As we see the struggle of Zaid unfold, the drama’s second last teaser just released, making us wonder how the drama will conclude in this tangle of confusion.

Here, we present a list of imagined endings, exploring various scenarios that could serve as the dramatic conclusion to ‘Mein’.

Ayra’s demise, paving the way for Mubashira and Zaid’s happily ever after

In the grand saga of Ayra’s perpetual miseries, it’s almost as if the makers decided to throw everything at her – from the untimely demise of her brother to the mother-in-law-shaped nightmare named Mr Asif and let’s not forget the traumatic scene, which btw was aired without any warnings, of Mubashira’s brother trying to assault Ayra. The girl just can’t catch a break.

Yet, despite this parade of tragedies, the audience remains curiously detached from Ayra’s plight. Could it be that, in the grand finale, she becomes the sacrificial lamb, making way for Zaid and Mubashira’s picture-perfect happily ever after?

In a dramatic turn of events, the last episode sees Zaid and Ayra engaging in a heated argument while cruising in a car. Zaid, in his haste, meets with a convenient accident, landing both in the hospital. Sadly, Ayra doesn’t make it, leaving Zaid guilt-ridden and Mubashira in a newfound state of vulnerability. Mubashira lets go of her ego, as she praises Zaid’s recovery, realizing she can’t control everything.

As the guilt trip intensifies, Zaid recovers, and the duo kickstarts their life anew, blessed by Mr. Asif. They even decided to start a charity in Ayra’s name.

Ah, the twisted yet apparently fitting end – because what’s a Pakistani drama without a dash of sadism in its conclusion?

A love triangle with Zaid’s double delight

In a parallel universe where logic takes a back seat, Zaid, with his innocent façade, continues to weave his spell on his two wives. In this enchanting realm, Mubashira and Ayra set aside their bitterness, along with their diabolical schemes to undermine each other. The last episode unfolds with Mubashira and Zaid engaged in conflicts, as she surprisingly defends her brother’s misdeeds against Ayra.

But hold on, the plot takes an intriguing turn when Mubashira and Zaid join forces to expose Mubashira’s brother by capturing the truth on record. Witnessing this unexpected side of Mubashira, Zaid is captivated and left utterly smitten. As he falls head over heels in love, he confesses that he can’t abandon Ayra. Surprisingly, Ayra, seemingly influenced by Mubashira’s newfound virtue, agrees to accept her as Zaid’s second wife.

Zaid decides to split his time between the two households. Ayra, now a self-sufficient entrepreneur, raises her child independently, living in a separate house where Zaid occasionally visits. Meanwhile, Mubashira, balancing work and business, adopts a lenient attitude towards others, and the trio finds their unconventional happily ever after. As the drama concludes, we catch a glimpse of Zaid and MJ sharing romantic moments.

Father and son duo embrace bachelor adventures

In a scenario far from reality, let’s explore an imaginary ending that might seem lightyears away from the actual plot. Mubashira, unwavering in her self-worth, refuses to settle for a man who considers her a secondary choice. Surprisingly, she takes a stand for Ayra, ensuring justice is served for the attempted abuse by her own brother. In a moment of empowerment, Mubashira decides she’s better off without Zaid and takes charge of establishing her father’s business, bidding farewell to Zaid.

Simultaneously, Ayra, also embracing independence, recognizes Mubashira’s resilience and concludes that Zaid lacks a backbone. Inspired by Mubashira’s bold move, Ayra ventures into establishing her own business, steering clear of Zaid’s indecisiveness.

Left to his own devices, Zaid finds himself abandoned by both wives. He joins forces with his father, Mr. Asif, and the duo decides that the bachelor life suits them best. Embracing their newfound freedom, Zaid and Mr. Asif embark on a journey of living their bachelor lives to the fullest.

As we count the days for ‘Mein’ to conclude, which of these endings are you betting on? Do share with us.


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