Serial Killer: Saba Qamar’s Desi Murder Mystery Concludes, Leaving Us Wanting More

Green Entertainment’s ‘Serial Killer’ proved to be a riveting and immersive series, skillfully engaging all the senses and delivering a compelling suspense-thriller. Its remarkable aspect was its ability to captivate the audience within a concise timeframe, wrapping up the storyline in just 11 episodes over a month. Despite its brevity, the series didn’t fall short on content; instead, it left a lasting impact as viewers deeply connected with the characters, ensuring a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The unique blend of suspense and brevity in ‘Serial Killer’ showcased Green Entertainment’s storytelling prowess. The concise narrative didn’t just keep the audience on the edge of their seats; it left them satisfied, having experienced a thrilling journey that resonated well beyond the conclusion of the series. Green Entertainment succeeded in delivering a captivating drama that didn’t overstay its welcome, marking a refreshing change in the industry.

Spoiler Alert!

The concluding episode of ‘Serial Killer’ paid homage to Faiza Gillani’s exceptional acting prowess, showcasing her brilliance in a remarkable performance. The climax, centred around Barbara, portrayed by Faiza Gillani, was particularly intense. As Batool unveiled her darkest secrets and confessed to her crimes, the audience was taken on an emotional rollercoaster. While the audience felt sympathy with Barbara, her chilling laughter reminded viewers of her sinister nature, creating a gripping experience.

The episode delved into Barbara’s tumultuous life, providing insight into the hardships she endured. However, a plot hole emerged regarding Barbara’s confession, leaving viewers questioning her choices. Another intriguing yet perplexing element introduced was the revelation concerning Sarah Sikander, portrayed by Saba Qamar. The shock value of Sarah realizing her own grandfather’s involvement in her parents’ death was staggering, but the plot’s logic raised questions, adding an unexpected twist and leaving the audience with lingering suspense.

The Story

Penned by Umera Ahmed, directed by Fahad Noor, and produced by Misbah Shafique, the series stands as a remarkable suspense-thriller, meticulously designed to enthral the audience. With a plot rich in complexity and intrigue, the drama unfolds as a gripping tale, weaving together various elements to keep viewers thoroughly engaged.

At the story’s core is Sarah Sikander, portrayed by Saba Qamar, who returns from America with ambitions in law enforcement. Entrusted with the investigation of a mysterious corpse found in a suitcase, Sarah navigates through challenges that unravel aspects of her personal life. The drama introduces a diverse ensemble of characters, contributing to the narrative’s depth and making it a well-received suspense thriller.


The drama boasts a stellar cast, featuring the remarkable talents of Saba Qamar, Sabeena Farooq, Danial Raheel, Faiza Gillani, Amna Malik, Shah Fahad, Ahmed Randhawa, Fahad Hashmi, Ali Hasan, Sabeena Farooq, and Sarmad Aftab Jadran.

Stealing the spotlight was none other than Saba Qamar herself, who effortlessly immersed herself in the role of Sarah Sikander. Saba conveyed Sarah’s loneliness and her unwavering commitment. She effortlessly cast off her star power to deliver a performance that made us genuinely connect with the character. Throughout the drama, there wasn’t a moment where you could catch a glimpse of the actress behind the role true testament to her acting prowess. Saba Qamar conveyed Sarah’s loneliness and her unwavering commitment.

Not to be overshadowed, Faiza Gillani showcased her exceptional skills, embracing her character and keeping us hooked with the nuances she brought to each episode. Her scenes were performed with such brilliance that they evoked discomfort yet managed to captivate our complete attention.

Meanwhile, Sabeena Farooq and Danial Raheel delivered stellar performances, providing viewers with an immersive and thoroughly engaging experience.

‘Serial Killer’ offered a true Netflix experience

The series set itself up as something brilliant right from the beginning. The direction and writing were well-done, conveying to the audience that this wasn’t just a mindless watch. As the episodes unfolded, viewers found themselves engaged in a guessing game, unable to conclude who the killer might be—an ode to the combined excellence of writing, direction, and acting, ensuring the suspense remained intact until the last episode.

Unravelling a murder mystery set within our own culture was not only intriguing but also a refreshing departure from Pakistani storytelling. The exploration of new genres in the local context adds a unique flavour to the narrative landscape. Plus, Umera Ahmed remained true to her signature style of writing, as she included elements of social messages of corruption and feminism, which were woven well in the storyline.

What particularly stood out was the drama’s concise nature, concluding within eleven episodes over the course of a month. In an era where time constraints often deter audiences from committing to lengthy series, such compact projects offer a welcome alternative for those seeking to watch binge-worthy content. This leaves us hopeful for more projects of similar brevity and quality in the future.

What could have been better?

 While this was a brilliant attempt towards direction, there were some instances where the direction faltered, causing certain scenes to feel disjointed and repetitive, detracting a bit from the overall impact. We also felt some things could have been shot better from a more flattering angle.

Also, some of our questions remained unresolved as the series ended. While we appreciate the skill of a cliffhanger, these seemed more like plot holes.

Nevertheless, ‘Serial Killer’ is a must-watch if you are looking for an immersive show to binge-watch.  


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