‘Breaking News’ Concludes Leaving Us Wondering The Reason Behind Low Viewership

Green Entertainment’s Breaking News’ took the internet by storm, as the underdog drama surely but assuredly established itself as a must-watch. Produced by Q&K Productions in association with Multiverse Entertainment, ‘Breaking News’ revolves around two emerging and passionate journalists who refuse to surrender to the corrupt system and aim to traverse through the world of journalism with honesty and integrity.

The drama’s curtain falls as it bids farewell to the audience, providing them with an immersive viewing experience by exploring the inner workings of the world of journalism and media houses. Let’s see what the last episode had in store for us.

‘Breaking News’ concludes on a realistic note

The last episode was action-packed as the drama continued to unfold at its own rhythm. We witnessed several twists and turns as Mishal, played by Amar Khan, finally realized the true face of Azmat, essayed by Haseeb Khan. The last episode demonstrated the power of journalism and media houses in a true sense and concluded the drama with subtle messaging, avoiding overtly sensational scenes.

The true fight between good and evil, evident throughout the drama, persisted. As Azmat revealed his true colours, Mishal and Hussain took to exposing him by posting on YouTube. What stood out was the realistic tone and how they concluded it. Despite exposing the inner workings, they acknowledged that, in the end, those in power often go unpunished, mirroring the reality of our society. However, they also portrayed a glimmer of hope as they hinted at Mishal and Hussain’s YouTube channel gaining popularity, offering a ray of hope for them and a subtle message for all its viewers.

What stood out?

‘Breaking News’, written by Aamir Raza and directed by Kashif Nisar, proved to be a captivating drama. What set ‘Breaking News’ apart was its refreshing plot, a departure from the conventional narratives on Pakistani television. It was indeed refreshing to see a fresh storyline on the television screen, as we explored the insights into the world of journalism and media houses, depicting various shades of the same profession.

‘Breaking News’ not only had us on the edge of our seats with its gripping drama but also delivered a romantic plot that was anything but ordinary. We see a couple navigating the chaos of sharing the same profession, and they didn’t just show the glamorous side. This wasn’t your typical lovey-dovey scenario but instead, the magic happened as they authentically tackled work-life balance.

What stole the show, though, was the male lead cheerleading for the female without any hidden agenda. Now, that’s a rare sight on our TV screens! We absolutely loved that ‘Breaking News’ wasn’t just breaking norms but also breaking our hearts (in the best way possible).

The brilliance in execution

In addition, the collaborative brilliance of direction and writing unfolds a narrative free of plot holes and firmly grounded in reality. The dialogues echo real-life conversations, enhancing the authenticity of the storytelling. Kashif Nisar’s exceptional directorial skills shine once again, vividly illustrating the world within the drama. Whether it’s the bustling newsroom or the outdoor scenes depicting research, every aspect is executed with brilliance, making ‘Breaking News’ a truly exceptional watch.


Amar Khan and Hamza Sohail were an absolute dynamite duo, bringing brilliance to their roles in ‘Breaking News.’ Their on-screen chemistry was a joy to watch, effortlessly portraying a connection that felt genuine. The ease in their interactions, both individually and together, spoke volumes about their investment in these characters.

Amar Khan, shedding all her glamour, embraced her character fully. Hamza Sohail, despite being only a few projects old, didn’t shy away from singing a role that defied our conventional macho hero on-screens and instead fearlessly tackled a role far from the glamour, that too with complete sincerity.

Other noteworthy performances were of course brought to life by Ali Safina as Naveed Khan and Haseeb Khan as Azmat, who brilliantly played the two corrupt people in power.

The rest of the cast included Saleem Mairaj, Faizan Gillani, Syed Tanveer, Inam Khan, Ayesha Ali, Aabid Ali, Umer Abdul, Ali Jaan, Rasheed Ali, Zeeshan Haider, Alee Hassan, Saima Saleem, Saad Haider, Shabana Quraishi, Ali Agha, Zahid Qureshi, Ishan Malik, Seerat Roshan, Faiz Chohan, Saima Butt, Afzaal Nabi, Mazhar, and Khalid Butt.

Why then did ‘Breaking News’ struggle with viewership?

The limited viewership of a gripping drama like ‘Breaking News’ raises questions. It’s disheartening to see such compelling projects not getting the attention they deserve. Despite its well-crafted characters and engaging plots, the drama seems to have missed the viewership mark.

A possible factor for lower ratings could be the drama airing thrice a week. In our busy lives, keeping up with such frequency can be a challenge, causing viewers to miss out on promising projects. Let’s hope for a shift in viewing patterns to encourage quality content on our screens and signal to producers that audiences are ready for such narratives.


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