Our Take: Top 5 PSL Anthems

As the Pakistan Super League (PSL) fever grips the nation once again, anticipation mounts with the release of the latest PSL anthem.
In light of this much-awaited event, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 PSL anthems that have left a mark on cricket enthusiasts across the country. 

PSL 2017: Ab Khel Jamay Ga

Ali Zafar’s anthem ‘Ab Khel Jamay Ga’ for the 2017 Pakistan Super League was more than just music – it was indeed a party starter. With lyrics like “Ab Seti Baji Gi, Khel Jami Ga”, the anthem had fans hyped up and ready for some cricket madness. So much so, that fans cannot stop go ingback in time and reminiscence this peace of art during PSL fever. 

The anthem’s music video, featuring cricketing legends like Ramiz Raja and Shahid Afridi, added to the hype, while Ali Zafar’s live performances of the song at the opening and closing ceremonies were nothing short of spectacular and still something we look back to. 

PSL 2018: Dil Se Jaan Laga De

After PSL’s 2017 success, Ali Zafar’s tweet on December 18, 2017, hinted at a musical masterpiece in the making, celebrating the soaring success of Ab Khel Jamay Ga on YouTube. The official reveal, buoyed by the #DilSeJaanLagaDe campaign on December 28, heralded a harmonious fusion of cricket and melody, emblematic of Pakistan’s soul. Despite the daunting task of surpassing its predecessor, Ali Zafar’s infectious enthusiasm for the anthem transfused layers of optimism in us. 

The anthem’s triumphant release on January 28, 2018, complemented by a star-studded music video featuring cricketing luminaries, evoked a sense of national pride and unity. Its timeless melody, echoing through the 2019 Pakistan Super League opening ceremony, remains an indelible testament to cricket’s enduring legacy.

PSL 2019: Khel Deewano Ka

When Fawad Khan takes on a project, you just know something good is brewing. In 2019, Fawad Khan brought his signature charm to this catchy track, replacing the iconic Ali Zafar. Composed by the talented Shuja Haider and featuring a rap segment by Young Desi, the song promises to pump up the cricketing spirit. With its lively video showcasing the vibrant energy of PSL, the anthem sets the stage for an electrifying tournament. Despite some mixed reviews, Fawad’s dashing looks and Haider’s innovative music ensured that ‘Khel DeewanoKa’  fans danced in the aisles. 

PSL 2021: Groove Mera

The controversial one on the list, going to raise a few brows on one hand with new nods on acknowledgment. On February 6, 2021, the PSL anthem burst onto the scene with a bang, accompanied by a visually stunning music video directed by the talented Fida Moin. Featuring cricketing stars like Shadab Khan, Babar Azam, and Shaheen Shah Afridi alongside other players, representing their franchises in style, it was a fusion of greatness both on and off the field. What made it even more epic was the collaboration of powerhouse vocalists like Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and the dynamic duo Young Stunners. Despite initial mixed reviews, it soared to the top, cementing its status. 

PSL 2024: Khul Ke Khel

Ali Zafar made it back to the PSL scene with PSL 2024 anthem, Khul Ke Khel as Ali Zafar makes a triumphant return to the cricketing scene, joined by the sensational Aima Baig. After a long wait, Ali’s unmistakable voice is back to electrify fans, while Aima adds her magical touch to create a musical celebration of cricket’s spirit. Teased as a “sonic storm” by the official PSL account, the anthem promises to be a dance-worthy delight, capturing the essence of the sport with infectious energy. With Ali’s signature style and Aima’s dynamic vocals, ‘Khul Ke Khel sets the stage for an electrifying PSL season ahead.

With each anthem release, PSL not only brings together the nation in fervent support but also serves as a testament to the undeniable connection between music, cricket, and Pakistani pride. That being said, we owe it all the artists, who have contributed to bringing the anthems to reality, especially Ali Zafar, who undoubtedly is heart and soul of PSL anthems. 


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