5 Reasons Why ‘Mein’ Lost its Shine Despite a Star-Studded Cast


In the glittering world of Pakistani dramas, where star power often reigns supreme, ‘Mein’ arrived with much fanfare, boasting a celebrated director, Badar Mehmood, and the talented pen of Zanjabeel Asim Shah. The pairing, which had previously delivered hits like ‘Balaa,’ had viewers’ expectations soaring.

However, as we find ourselves seven episodes deep into ‘Mein,’ it’s apparent that something crucial is missing. Despite the presence of the dynamic duo, Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan, ‘Mein’ has failed to capture the audience’s attention. So, what went wrong? Let’s dissect the reasons why ‘Mein’ has failed to shine as brightly as anticipated.

Structural Flaws in Mein

‘Mein’ promised to be a gripping tale of two strong-willed individuals, Mubashra and Zaid, brought together by the twists and turns of fate, all while dealing with societal pressures and matters of the heart. Right from the get-go, the drama struggled with setting the stage effectively. The disparities in Mubashra and Zaid’s characters were apparent, but execution left much to be desired.

Inconsistencies in visual and emotional delivery marred pivotal moments, disrupting the narrative flow and emotional resonance viewers were expecting. Awkward camera angles, poorly timed transitions, and lackluster lighting left us yearning for a more visually engaging experience.

Ayeza Khan’s Character is Confusing

Ayeza Khan, the leading lady of ‘Mein,’ takes center stage as Mubashra. However, the character appears one-dimensional, lacking the depth and complexity that could have made her truly captivating. Much like Sarah Khan’s character in ‘Sabaat,’ Mubashra’s egocentric personality falls short of expectations, leaving us wanting more from what could have been a multifaceted role.

Mubashra Comes Across as Spoiled in Mein

Despite the drama’s focus on Mubashra’s character, we struggle to form a meaningful connection with her. Her portrayal lacks the nuances that could make her character more relatable and intriguing. Instead of showcasing the complexity of narcissism, she comes across as spoiled and undisciplined. This lack of depth in character development leaves viewers wanting a more engaging connection.

Wahaj Ali’s Meek Presence and Role as Zaid

Wahaj Ali plays Zaid, a character with all the traits that should make viewers fall for him—kindness, sincerity, and a good heart. However, there’s something amiss in the execution of his character. Zaid’s interactions with other characters and his chemistry with them are not fully explored. Dynamic relationships and meaningful connections could have brought his likable qualities to the forefront, making him a more captivating character.

Even Wahaj’s screen presence leaves much to be desired. As much as we lambast the makers and writers, Wahaj could have painted his own canvas as Zaid, but not to be.

Weak Supporting Characters in Mein

Perhaps one of the most significant disappointments in ‘Mein’ is the absence of memorable supporting characters. The lack of standout personalities in the ensemble cast is evident. Even veteran actors like Usman Peerzada and Shahzad Nawaz fail to shine due to underdeveloped roles. Peerzada’s potential remains untapped, while Nawaz appears to be focusing more on appearance than performance, leaving

‘Mein’ may have had all the ingredients for success—a star-studded cast, a renowned director, and a promising storyline. However, the failure to address structural flaws, develop complex characters, and create meaningful relationships among the ensemble cast has left this drama falling short of its potential.

While it’s not too late for ‘Mein’ to redeem itself, viewers hope that the remaining episodes will do justice to the talent involved and deliver the compelling narrative they were initially promised.


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