‘Rawalpindi Express’: Is Umer Aalam Going to Play Sachin Tendulkar?

Rawalpindi Express

Umer Aalam – the first winner of ‘Tamasha Ghar’ — a reality-based show aired on ARY last year — will appear on the silver screen in ‘RAWALPINDI EXPRESS’. Aalam will play a role of Pakistan’s former head coach Saqlain Mushtaq. However, he was offered to play an Indian A-List cricketer in the same biopic but ended up playing Pakistan’s legendary spin bowler.

The Guru star was supposed to play the character of India’s ‘Little Master’ and even started to work on his voice tone to sound like Mr. Tendulkar but then the director Faraz Qaiser replaced his character with Saqlain Mushtaq.

Showbiz journalist Kehkashan Bukhari quoted this on her social media account after interviewing Aalam.

Release Date

Based on the life of Pakistan’s former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar, “Rawalpindi Express” is expected to be released this year. The film gave way to controversy when singer Umair Jaswal — who was supposed to play the lead – Shoaib Akhtar — parted ways from the biopic. Jaswal announced on his social media account that due to creative and personal differences he is no longer a part of this project.

Later in July, Akhtar himself announced his ‘disassociation’ from the film. The former cricketer took to social media and shared the screenshot of his statement stating that ‘he has secured a stay order against the film and its release’.

About Rawalpindi Express

Gohar Rasheed plays Shoaib Akhtar in his latest biopic and manages to impress as the beloved Rawalpindi Express. The movie will largely follow Akhtar’s life and struggles as he becomes one of the world’s fastest bowlers, making a mark for himself in international cricket.

We saw a glimpse of the picture in the recently released teaser for Rawalpindi Express and have discussed our views here.


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