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‘Betiyaan’ Review: Same Old Story Executed With A Fresh Approach

Our drama serials are constantly being critiqued by audiences for all being the same. Most of them are about a damsel in distress. No wonder audiences seem to easily get tired of what our...

Here’s Why Audiences Bashing HUM Awards Isn’t Really Justified

Misinformation on the internet might be one of the biggest setbacks of this new age of social media. People never seem to fact-check anything they put out, and those on the receiving end don’t...
Kaala Doriya

Kaala Doriya: A Promising Start Or Just Another Suno Chanda Do-Over?

Audiences are tired of watching the same stories all the time. The damsel in distress in each story with triggering themes and plots in every serial, they yearn for something more lighthearted to watch....

Doctor Strange And Pakistani Filmmakers: Is The Anger Justified?

Foreign films have always done huge business at the Pakistani box office. In fact, a number of them hold spots in our Top 10 highest grossing charts, giving tough competition to our local films....

Dobara: Bilal Abbas And Hadiqa Kiani Ooze Charm And Nuance In The First Episode

HUM TV always delivers with its high-end storytelling tackling important issues in society. The stories are those of empowerment and destigmatizing taboos. With ‘Dobara’ HUM TV sets out to talk about child marriage, widowhood...

India Copies Pakistani Song ‘Gagar’

India plagiarizing Pakistani content is nothing unheard of. Pakistani songs, their compositions and tunes are being copied by those across the border all the time. In fact, just earlier this month singer Brham Darya...
LSA and channels

Here’s Why LSA Needs To Consider Channels Apart From The Big Three

Lux Style Awards has been a prestigious event for over a decade. With its 20th ceremony coming up, it has made a name for itself due to the credibility of its jury. Recently, however,...
Short film Bhai

Pakistani Short Film ‘Bhai’ Set To Premiere At Toronto International Film Festival

There has been a surge in the creation of short films in Pakistan since the past year with many of them proving to be huge hits. Pakistani short film ‘Bhai’ has been selected to...
Ahmed Ali Akbar and Ali Rehman Khan

Parizaad & Laapata: HUM TV’s Obsession With Blackface

The entertainment industry in any country plays a huge role in educating the masses and spreading awareness on social issues. Our TV shows have tackled all sorts of serious and important topics; rape, infidelity,...
Upcoming shows of ary digital

ARY Digital Boasts Impressive List Of Shows To Dazzle Audiences

ARY Digital is known for extravagant sets, remarkable ensembles and bold projects highlighting social issues. They sure know how to keep their audience captivated. Staying consistent with its brand of glamour and high-end storytelling,...