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Pakistan Fashion Industry’s Love for Bollywood

the actual concerning point is that our fashion celebrities are so much impressed and awe-inspired by the Indian productions that they could not only spare time for a 3-hour show but also got to be much exited regarding the event. Their after-show comments to media were a clear evidence. (Read More)

Why Shehzad Rafique will regret not releasing Ishq Khuda on Eid-ul-Fitr.

The famous Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan puts it perfectly when he says that "There was nothing extra-ordinary about Cocktail. I will be the first to say that it is no classic, however the timing worked with the audience."

Veena Key ‘Gunahon Ka Anjaam’

Releasing old films which could never see the light of the box office in their time, with new catchy names has not been a...

Learning it from Television industry

Investment; and not just creativity and technicality, has now become the dire need for a film industry to survive in this age of ‘Global...

The ‘Shaan theory’ for Punjabi films

Shaan is to Pakistan film industry, what Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt is to Hollywood. When someone is regarded this big somewhere, you expect...

Style File: Topknots come to Lollywood, and we can’t just stop loving them!

It is definitely 'the red carpet look' of the season. Yes, the 'topknots!' We have all known about and loved the 'man bun' on guys,...

Why A Film Like MANTO Was Much Needed

After a film ends, from the seat of the cinema to the seat of the car, people ask each other the same question, kaisi...

Watch it or not: Yays and Nays for upcoming films

Watch it if you have been an ardent James Bond or Jason Bourne fan. Watch it if you keep an appetite for stories that rarely come out of the closed doors. Watch it if you like high-paced action-thrillers. Watch it for Shaan.

I’m sorry but this new song “Engreeza”from Main Hoon Shahid Afridi is out-wright cheap!

I'm sure that almost everyone of you at one point in life has heard one such  song that has made you wonder what the...

Pakistan Film Industry: Tumours helding it back

There was a time when our movies were a big source of entertainment and our cinemas used to make silver and golden jubilees. The decades of 50s, 60s, and 70s were the most successful ones the history of Pakistani Cinema has ever recorded. Even the 80s, wasn’t that bad, especially the former half of it. (Read More)