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Read the reviews of Pakistani movies by the critics/reviewers of Galaxy Lollywood.

Ishq Khuda( Review): Its a “Khuda Kay Liye” for the masses says Momin Ali...

Before I start the review let me say that Ishq Khuda is targeted towards a select audience and everyone will not like the film....

Chambaili- Quite literally the “game changer”, Momin Ali reviews

Chambaili in this regards decided on a date for its release, ran a successful marketing campaign (which most films do not) and released on its due date. This efficiency has left quite an impression on me and speaks volume about the film as a whole. Not only was it Pakistan’s first on time release but the film also broke quite a few other myths. (Read More)

Lamha (Seedlings) Review: It is a simple film with a big heart says ...

Seedlings played on emotions and that truly was its strength. It may have two of the most commercially successful stars of the television industry, but by no means was Seedlings your average masala film. It was a simple film with a big heart. (Read More)

A Lamha to embrace our pain. (A must Read Review)

Express Tribune“We need the pain…because somewhere in that pain… lies the person that we have lost…and without it…we lose them completely.”And that’s exactly when...

Bol Review by Galaxy Lollywood

“BOL” The review by Galaxy Lollywood Movie Name: BolRelease Date: 24th June 2011Director: Shoaib Mansoor“BOL” needs no introduction for sure, from the very first shot of...