Relief Or Exhilarated? ‘Mein’s’ Conclusion Leaves The Audience Divided

ARY Digital’s ‘Mein’ has its own share of ups and downs. Whether you hate it or like it, you must have heard of it. The loyal fan base, which had its love-and-hate relationship with the drama, would tune in every week, just to render their frustration via social media. The drama did smoothen around its edges in the middle, but alas the makers could not continue with the momentum.

Now-finally-if we dare say so, ‘Mein’ has wrapped up, after crossing the thirty-episode mark. The thing with a prime-time Pakistani drama going beyond this is a risky business in itself. Let me explain why. This could either mean that your story has substance and there is still some substantial plot to uncover and thus the drama needs a few more episodes. But this is a rare instance. On the other hand, the second scenario, which most of our popular dramas fall victim to, is that the drama is stretched way beyond the number of episodes it was intended to air for, resulting in testing viewers’ patience and loyalty.

Big Bang Entertainment’s production ‘Mein’ was part of the latter category. The audience did not leave the drama in between, going back every time to watch the shenanigans of Mubashira Jaffer and Mr Asif, while clinging to the hope that their favourite Wahaj Ali will this time have something substantial to contribute to the plot. Unfortunately, ‘Mein’ was like a toxic ex, you go back to it, but we all know how that goes.

Mein’s not-so-predictable ending

By now all social media users know how ‘Mein’ concluded. Let us be honest with ourselves, did we expect this ending, or most importantly did we deserve it?

In a prediction we made earlier about the drama’s conclusion, we did anticipate Zaid (Wahaj Ali) ending up alone, but who knew among other alternates, this would translate to ‘Mein’s reality. To be honest, it seemed far-fetched to expect a happy ending for Ayra (Azekah Daniel) and Zaid, considering how dirty they did Ayra. Kudos to the girl for standing up for herself and leaving when it was high time.

As for our very own Mubashira Jaffar a.k.a MJ’s (Ayeza Khan) track, we were a bit lost there. I, for one, wouldn’t object to the writer going beyond what we see on television and giving a different ending. However, as we saw the plot unfolding in the previous episodes, with Mubashira giving up on her ego to save her relationship, and the growing infatuation between Zaid and Mubashira, it didn’t seem right to show them part ways in the last episode.

As for Kashmala’s (Sabeena Syed) track, we are grateful to the makers, in every sense of the word, for showing her standing up for herself and getting out of a toxic marriage and calling out to her father for his actions. These are the characters we need to see more of.

What stood out, surely, was that the drama ended in full circle. They underlined the message of how one’s ego is a means of self-destruction. While our heart ached for Mr. Asif, played by Shahzad Nawaz, being left all alone and isolated, it was a well-knitted closure for him.


Ayeza Khan as Mubashira Jaffar ate and left no crumbs. The actress portrayed her character’s contradictory emotions with so much elegance and conviction that we could not help but be fully invested with her character Mubashira. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ayeza stole the limelight as she carved another memorable character’s name in her long list of projects, as a successful actress.

Mubashira’s wardrobe in itself had the main character vibes in the drama. The effort Ayeza Khan put in to curate the entire look of the character was well-received and added to her performance.

Shahzad Nawaz, as Zaid’s father left no stone unturned as he essayed his role to perfection. He brought with him a charisma and aura that remained unmatched.

As for Wahaj Ali, who portrayed the role of Zaid in the drama, he had a rather subdued presence. Following the success of ‘Tere Bin’, fans’ expectations have soared for the nation’s heartthrob. While he didn’t leave any gaps in his performance, the writing didn’t allow him much room to shine.

There were a few lapses here and there with the performances of Azekah Daniel, who played the role of Ayra, another central character in the drama.

The drama has a strong supporting cast which includes Usman Peerzada, Shehzad Nawaz, Aijaz Aslam, Agha Mustafa, Nameer Khan, Sabeena Syed, Alizay Rasool, Rohi Ghazali, and Shiza Khan.

Remarkable Execution

The drama was an exciting watch, exuding suspense, thrill, and a lot of drama. While we’ve seen numerous projects in recent years revolving around the lives of the affluent, the seamless direction of this drama made it particularly compelling, setting it apart from the rest. The portrayal of luxury added a splendid touch to the drama, making it even more worthwhile to watch.

The Concept

‘Mein’ directed by Badar Mehmood and penned by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, forms a dynamic duo with a track record of delivering hits like the television series “Balaa.” The drama’s premise, revolving around an ego battle, initially intrigued viewers, especially with its exploration of the central character, Mubashira, who exhibited various shades as the plot unfolded. However, despite its promising foundation, the execution faltered in certain areas, leading to a loss of audience interest and a lack of structural coherence, resulting in a disappointing viewing experience.

Nonetheless, ‘Mein’ managed to become a guilty pleasure for many of its viewers. While some expressed dissatisfaction with the conclusion and were relieved that the drama finally concluded due to its prolonged and nonsensical plot, it became a habitual indulgence for others. Despite its flaws, audiences appreciated the drama for the trivial discussions it sparked and the guilty pleasure it provided.


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