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Video of the day: Reema Meera Tu Tu Main Main (29 May)

Reema Meera Tu Tu Main Main What GL says: This one will surely give you a dose of laughter.

Video of the day: Azizi aka Meera (28 May)

Azizi aka Meera What GL says: This video is just epic!

Video of the day: Reema’s Walima in Pakistan (27 May)

Reema's Walima in Pakistan What GL says: Reema had her Walima ceremony in Pakistan and here's a video from the event.

Video of the day: Mudhouse & The Golden Doll trailer (26 May)

Mudhouse & The Golden Doll trailer What GL says:The film just had a private screening so we thought we would share with you the trailer...

Mudhouse & The Golden Doll has a private screening.

The Express TribuneThe long-awaited feature film, “Mud House and the Golden Doll” was screened at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts auditorium, on...

Video of the day:Meera’s Bollywood hot songs NOW AND THEN(25May)

Meera's hot songs What GL says: Just enjoy them! Meera THENMeera NOW

Video of the Day: Kitni Haseen Hay Zindagi.(24 May)

Kitni Haseen Hay Zindagi What GL says: Enjoy this super classy Lollywood song from Reema's film Love Mein Ghum.

Video of the day:Fawad Mahira television commercial. (23 May)

Fawad Mahira television commercial What GL says: Before setting the television screen on fire with Hamsafar, this hit jodi did this commercial some time back. You...

Video of the day: Mohabbataan Sachiyaan (22 May)

Mohabbataan Sachiyaan  What GL says: Well Ishq Khuda is in the news and so is Veena Malik. What do they both have in common? Shehzad...

Video of the day:All Dolly Bindra wants to say…(21 May)

All Dolly Bindra wants to say... What GL says:  This video shows all that Dolly Bindra has to say. The video we shared yesterday was...