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Video of the day: Mathira shakes that booty(19th May)

Mathira shakes that booty What GL says: Well Mathira seems to be one hot topic these days so we thought why not share one...

Teaser of song ‘Hay Naya Naya’ from the movie Jackpot piques our interest!

The teaser of second song 'Hay Naya Naya' from the movie Jackpot is out and it piques our interest with melodious composition, shit-hot cinematography...
Sherdil teaser

‘Sherdil’ teaser just released and it perfectly capitalises on current Indo-Pak tensions

The significance of cinema in a state apparatus has grown critical and complex in the wake of the war on terror and the accompanying fifth...

The Dum Mastam Trailer Packs A Masala-Filled Punch And We’re Excited

It's raining trailers in Lolly town these days. With the fourth wave of COVID receding, and the biggest film event for Pakistani cinema, Eid-ul-Fitr...

The ensemble cast shines bright in the teaser of Wrong No.2!

Yasir Nawaz's directorial debut Wrong No. was the surprise hit of 2015. The film won both the critics and audiences over with its comedy and...

Video of the day: Resham does a parody of Reema and Meera(7 June).

Resham does a parody of  Reema and Meera What GL says: Well this is just hilarious! Enjoy :) 

Video Post: Veena Malik is doing a special Ramzan transmission!!!

Well nobody certainly saw this one coming! Will the show actually be worth-watching you see the trailer and decide for yourself.

Baaji’s trailer is Lollywood’s multiple faces wrapped in a brilliantly haunting package

Saqib Malik's long journey as a director is finally about to see its pinnacle in the form of his long-awaited big screen offering; Baaji. Starting...

Mystically vocalled ‘Ya Rahem, Maula Maula’ (OST Dukhtar) released

The lyrics are as beautiful as they could get and the melody with its overall structure nicely complements them.

Theatrical trailer of Dekh Magar Pyaar Say is out with a bang

It seems like Pakistani filmmakers have made their mind to not stop teasing you by sharing something new and fresh almost every week. Last...