Kaptaan’s Theatrical Trailer: A good effort on whole, Rizwana Sheikh reviews


Kaptaan, the upcoming and much awaited Lollywood flick had its theatrical trailer released in the month of January on Facebook and most of web. Directorial debut by Faisal Aman Khan under the banner of F&A Productions, the movie is based on the life of legendry cricketer turned philanthropist and now politician, Imran Khan –played by model turned actor Abdul Mannan.

With 3:45 minutes in duration, the theatrical trailer includes scenes of common people carrying the flags of Imran’s political party (Tehreek-e-Insaaf) attending a public gathering, close ups of depressed faces, poor lot, last minute clips of cricket world cup 1992 final match in black and white, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH), Kaptaan’s interaction with his fans and much more.

It starts with the very name of F&A Productions, fading to a tight black and white close up of Kaptaan’s eyes with background voice over meaning: ‘Never has there been a person who didn’t fight against fear to get freedom and did something big.’

As the trailer reaches its latter part crossing the attributes of the legend, the other characters finally make their space in the clip with their dialogue-bits alongwith a catchy Sufi background score being played. Surprisingly, there are merely two clips of Kaptaan’s character having dialogue interaction with others, which is although not enough to mark his dialogue delivery and accent, but gave quite a bad feeling about the skills of Abdul Mannan in dialogue delivery. The talky portion of the trailer opens the story and characters precisely.

Shot selection was good, depicting different situations and twists and turns of the story, overall maintaining the curiosity level and suspense. Shots of the lead couple (Imran-Jemima) however, were less than enough unlike any usual film trailer having an eminent female lead.

Background score has a sufi theme as mentioned earlier. No romantic song whatsoever, which although suits the serious feel of the film, but gives a sense of being a little less served as we’re used to the typical romantic songs and dance. This actually also raises the eyebrows a little that whether the movie has or hasn’t shown the romantic aspect of Kaptaan’s life.

The trailer gets a fast tempo from the middle as the tensions rise high in the story. The director has given the message in the form of words like peace, passion, sacrifice, and others appearing on screen in red as the background score also gets fast giving a feel of thrill and passion. These words depict the elements of story in a short span of time.

The very last shot of Kaptaan standing under the thick smoky clouds in a deep evening gives a good look to the end and in fact  leaves the movie on a more filmy look.

It’s a good effort on whole and needs be encouraged because Pakistan Film Industry is still fresh on this trend of delivering proper trailers giving a kick to initiate a full fledge pre-release marketing of the film. Now all that remains to be done is to have the film finally in our cinemas so that we all can enjoy the hard work of the filmmakers, the whole cast and the crew.

Below We have attached the trailer, watch it and tell us how you about feel about it:

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  1. looks good but “a book can’t be judged by its cover”..
    so lets hope it’s a bold movie,and can have a good push to LOLLYWOOD, keep it up,miss R.


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