The System (Review): Action, Romance, Comedy ,Drama ; This is what I call an Entertaining Film says Momin Ali Munshi

Movie Name: The System

Release Date: 30 May 2014

Director: Shahzad Ghufoor

Review by: Momin Ali Munshi


Pakistan has sadly been divided into two very distinct groups of audiences and film-makers. On one hand you have the elite multiplex audience which enjoys social drama films like Bol, Chambaili, Josh etc which are mostly made by independent filmmakers. Then on the other hand you have the masses who love commercial/masala films like Ishq Khuda, Majajan, Shareeka which are mostly being made by our veterans. But the interesting thing to note here is that this divide ceases to exist when a commercial Bollywood flick like Dabangg or Ready comes about. Then both the single screen and multiplex audiences rush to the cinema halls to watch the film. Thus one wonders , why is this divide only present for our local content and seems to vanish when international (read Indian) content comes about.

But something interesting has been happening since the last year. Basically, this new group of filmmakers has decided to change the game. They have tried to make commercial films such that both the multiplex and the single screen audiences like them. Notable examples are “Main Hoon Shahid Afridi” and “Waar”. Both the films were commercial and appealed to single screen as well as the multiplex audience. 2014’s first film “The System” is another example of a similar experiment where the director Shehzad Ghufoor had decided to make a proper commercial film keeping in mind the demands of both the masses and the multiplexes audience. Seeing the first week box-office of the film, looks like this film has worked its magic and can be counted as a success which appealed to both the audiences. In this review I will tell what I liked and disliked about the film, so here goes. Lets start with the story.



The plot of the film is centred around a 20 something year old student played by Sheraz who has had enough of the corrupt system and decides to take things in his own hands and decides to change the entire system. The film then basically shows how he goes about it and how the system adjusts to his actions, which is also the tag line of the film ” Main iss system kay saath nahi chal sakta, iss system ko meray saath chalna hoga”. The corrupt system includes the likes of Shafqat Cheema, Nayer Ejaz and Irfan Khooosat who all have substantial roles to play. Nadeem plays the  role of the religious Molvi father of the hero while Kashaf Ali plays the girl next door( literally) and has a romantic track with the hero. Basically the plot is quite simplistic but the way its shown is fun nonetheless!

Shahzad Ghufoor

Here I would like to specially mention the efforts of the director Shehzad Ghufoor. Being a debutant director one would not expect such level of perfection but he surprises one and all. There are so many instances where he shows command over his craft and there are these little things where he shows his mastery. The actions scenes are also rather breathtaking in the sense that the action you see is quite  new for Pakistan. Yet another plus point in the film is the melodious music. The film has four songs and each one is just brilliant! Furthermore the visuals of the songs at the  picturesque locations in Norway are another visual treat. One song I personally loved is the peppy item number “Naughty Saiyyan” picturized on the gorgeous Mariam Ali Hussain. The number is quite much like an Indian item number but I loved it anyhow!

Now let’s talk a bit about the acting part. Sheraz as the aggressive hero did a good job and was convincing in his action sequences. He also has a Salman khan style shirt tearing scene and does a commendable job.  The only issue I had with Sheraz was with his diction. He needs to work a bit on his dialogue delivery. But given the fact that it is his debut film ( well almost debut if one ignores Khamosh Raho) he has done a good job and will improve with time. But one thing is for sure that Lollywood has got itself a new fit hero. Kudos Sheraz, you have a long way to go and you have made a successful comeback to the big screen.


Kashaf Ali played the love interest of Sheraz’s character and was strictly okay! She really needs to hone her acting skills! But she looked cute so that worked in her favor. Well there is nothing more to add! Maryam Ali Husain added the much needed spunk when she grooved to “Naughty Saiyyan”. The girl is pretty, knows how to dance and has quite the screen presence. The only thing that was not working for her was the flashy costume. Anyhow this girl is here to stay!


Nadeem, Nayer Ejaz,Shafqat Cheema and Irfan Khoosat all do a brilliant job in their respective roles. I have always wondered that why is it that having a veteran on board is considered so important. But after having seen the film I have got my answer. It’s just that the veterans are so seasoned and have such a command over their craft that they bring so much authenticity to the film. I mean Shafqat cheema as the policewalla was just perfection personified! The dialogue delivery, the mannerisms, everything had you thinking that this role is made for Cheema. Nadeem Baig as the father was another role that I could not imagine anyone else doing. Irfan Khoosat added the much needed comic factor to the film. All the jokes he cracked were just too good and had the entire cinema laughing out loud. Nayer Ejaz did not have quite the meaty role but nonetheless he did an amazing job! The dialogue where he says ” Bhood Do” is still crystal clear in my mind and that goes on to show what a brilliant job he did.

Now let’s move a bit to the other the other technical details. The dialogues penned down by Wajid Zubairi  are another highlight of the film! They just perfectly capture the mood and stay with you. The cinematography is yet another strength of the film. It is commendable how the beautiful locations have been caught on camera. The makeup/costume department was a huge let down though. The makeup at places was so bad that you could see it melt off on screen! Furthermore the dresses and sarees were super chic at places and completely tacky at others. However on the whole the film was a visual treat and gets a thumbs up from us!


Here I would like to address the fact that we all need to get over Waar! I say this because people cannot stop comparing every new release to Waar and that is unfair. Waar was no doubt an amazing film with a stellar cast, amazing production values and a build up of about three years! But one should not expect every other film to be like Waar and should not use Waar as the ultimate example. “The System” was a good film and we all need to go and support the film which quite truthfully depicted what is happening around us. So stop comparing “The System” to “Waar” and see the film for what it is!

In conclusion I will say that the film is an honest effort by so many people and it deserves all our love and support. Yes ,some may love it, some may hate it but at least go and see it before forming an opinion. It takes so much time from the shooting, to the post production and all this hardwork needs to be acknowledged and appreciated! So go get yourself a ticket and watch the film right now

Lastly all the very best to the team of “The System” and let’s hope the film has an amazing run at the box office.


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