Galaxy Lollywood predicts winners of Lux Style Awards in 8 film categories!

Lux Style Awards are undoubtedly the biggest entertainment awards, celebrating the best of fashion, TV, cinema and music every year in the country. The prestigious awards are returning for the 16th edition this year amid scorching heat on 19 April (tomorrow). Keeping the tradition alive, Galaxy Lollywood team will cover the event live from the venue on Instagram and Twitter.

Before we learn about the real winners of 16 Lux Style Awards tomorrow night, we at Galaxy Lollywood pick our own winners in 8 film categories. These are part predictions and part our choices, and if we were the jury we would definitely have gone for these names.

Check out the nominations of 16th Lux Style Awards and read about our choices below.

Best Singer Female

Aayan: Aima Baig for Kalabaaz Dil because that is one cheesy song you can listen to all day long, and still enjoy it the next day and day after that.

Iman: Aima Baig for Kalabaaz Dil all the way. Loved the song

Momin: Its Aima’s year! Aima Baig for sure.

Warda: Aima Baig for Kalabaz Dil. Because the song gets you grooving. Totally love it.

Zeeshan: Aima Baig for sure! She surprised me with her diversity and talent in LSA and Kalabaz Dil was her ‘the best.’

VERDICT: Aima Baig, obviously!

Best Singer Male

Aayan: Arman Malik, because Janaan’s title track was just too beautiful. Really soothing to ears.

Iman: Though I loved Sukhwinder Singh’s song more, but as he is not nominated, I think Atif Aslam should win the award. He is a singer that can make bad songs sound good.

Momin: The nominations are boring! Give it to anyone I don’t care. But it will be Atif Aslam, given he is hosting the LSAs, so yeah.

Warda: Shafqat Amanat Ali because his voice still beats everything else and the song was amazing.

Zeeshan: Not a single song I would select from what is nominated, but, well, Asrar!

VERDICT: We don’t have a consensus, but looks like it’s going to be Atif Aslam.

Best Supporting Actress

Aayan: Sanam Saeed for Dobara Phir Se. Need I say more?

Iman: Best supporting actress is Sanam Saeed, Sanam Saeed, Sanam Saeed. Loved her role in Dobara Phir Se.

Momin: Sanam Saeed for Dobara Phir Se for sure.

Warda: Soneya Jehan for Ho Mann Jahaan because no one else could have played that character better than her.

Zeeshan: The chirpy Sanam Saeed in Dobara Phir Se was a game! So definitely her.

VERDICT: Sanam Saeed, Dobara Phir Se, again, always, forever!

Best Supporting Actor

Aayan: Ali Rehman’s character, Daniyal Khan was to Janaan what Joey was to Friends. He made everyone fall in love with his character, not only because of the many layers of role, but also because Ali stood out in all those layers, and managed to stay behind the thin line of overdoing it.

Iman: Sheheryar Munawar should win best supporting actor, no doubt. This guy has the potential of winning Best Actor award in coming years.

Momin: It’s a tough one between Ali Rehman and Sheheryar Munnawar, but Sheheryar Munnawar definitely has the upper hand I believe.

Warda: Sheheryar Munawar for Ho Mann Jahaan because his acting skills were way better than Adeel Hussain’s.

Zeeshan: Sheheryar Munawar was amazing in Ho Mann Jahaan, so, definitely him.

VERDICT: With little dissent, its Sheheryar Munawar for us!

Best Film Director

Aayan: Nabeel Qureshi, because he gave a complete film. From screenplay to performances to music to scene settings, top notch.

Iman: When it comes to directing I think Wajahat Rauf knows what he is doing.

Momin: Give the award to Nabeel Qureshi already!

Warda: Nabeel Qureshi for Actor in Law. Much much better than any other nominations.

Zeeshan: Man, no need to even think when its Nabeel Qureshi in the list. Very talented and handsome.

VERDICT: Again with small disagreement, Nabeel Qureshi is our choice.

Best Film Actress

Aayan: Mehwish Hayat, as her’s was a role that lied outside her comfort zone. Playing a Parsi journalist, with no such background to cushion on, she aced it, I believe.

Iman: When it comes to acting Sanam Saeed is my all time favourite. She does justice with every role of hers. The character she played in Bachaana seems quite opposite to what she is in real life but she ended up pulling it so well.

Momin: You nominate Meryl Streep in this category and they will still give the award to Mahira Khan! So Mahira will win, though it should be Mehwish Hayat! Wish Hareem Farooq was in the nominations.

Warda: Mahira Khan for Ho Mann Jahaan. She is the real eye candy and because she literally nailed the movie. Without her, the movie wouldn’t have been this much successful.

Zeeshan: Missing Hareem Farooq is the biggest snub of this year’s LSA. Perhaps, Mehwish Hayat is not a hard choice as well.

VERDICT: Again no consensus, so it is a tie between Mehwish Hayat and Mahira Khan.

Best Film Actor

Aayan: Fahad Mustafa, because among all other names in the list, his is the only case where the potential of the given role was harnessed to the maximum level. From a struggling actor to a phony, but a successful lawyer, he was amazing in every scene.

Iman: Best Film Actor without any doubt should be Fahad Mustafa, as he is this one man who actually is a star. We have many actors in films but none who we can call a star. Fahad is a great actor and has everything you need in a hero.

Momin: It’s a no brainer. Fahad Mustafa! Although since he is not coming to the LSAs, Yasir might win this one.

Warda: Yasir Hussain for Lahore Se Aagey. Because the guy has got some serious amount of epic humor!

Zeeshan: Fahad Mustafa was phenomenal in Actor in Law. So, him for sure.

VERDICT: Fahad Mustafa for sure, else Yasir Hussain.

Best Film

Aayan: Actor In Law, because it looked like a complete package. From film mechanics to its receival in the public, it eclipsed every other film.

Iman: I think Actor in Law should win best film award as it is one film that can actually compete with Bollywood, a film that brought people to cinemas. I am proud to say Actor in law is made in Pakistan.

Momin: It’s obviously going to be Actor in Law given it was the biggest hit at the box office and also a critics favorite.

Warda: Actor in law. A perfect source of entertainment.

Zeeshan: Actor in Law. What? Can there be any other one? Idiot!

VERDICT: Thankfully, we have unanimous choice Actor in Law.

That’s by Galaxy Lollywood. Let us know your choices in the comment box. 🙂



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