‘Project Ghazi’ trailer promises quality entertainment with impressive CGI

project ghazi trailer

Pakistan’s first super soldier flick, Project Ghazi, has been a long-awaited offering of the local cinema. The film saw an unfortunate and sudden indefinite postponement on the eve of its premiere back in 2017.

The news then had brought immense disappointment to its fans but the story today is that the film is back with a new (and well cut) trailer this time, promising to make up for the past. 

Starring Shehryar Munawar and Humayun Saeed, Project Ghazi also features the ravishing Syra Shehroz, along with acclaimed actors like Talat Hussain and Adnan Jafar. The most prominent feature that stands out in the trailer is its obviously slick cinematography and rather impressive CGI (Computer-generated imagery).

Machines and Wars

The film is set in a futuristic world and therefore, we will get to see a lot of machines and war scenes. It is also set across an era of 20 years, so the stature, as well as the canvas of the narrative, is going to be expansive.

Shot in beautiful locations like Mangla Dam, the seaport, and other slick settings, the sound design of the film also appears to have made considerable improvements compared to the previous versions of the film’s trailer.

But it’s not just the visuals that the film relies on, there seems to be an exciting storyline with a son (Shehryar) losing his father and a mentor (Humayun) helping him in continuing his father’s legacy.

The Bad Guys

We are also introduced to the bad guys in the trailer who are plotting a conspiracy to sabotage a project helmed by the defence agencies of the country. Although there is a cliché part of the trailer where the villains are trying to poison the whole city using their “machines,” we hope this is not what the story is all about.

An interesting feature of the trailer is the stylish way the lead antagonist, Qataan’s character has been designed. Played by Adnaan Jaffar, the figure looks strong with some impressive dialogues. He’s not caricatural and outrightly ugly but carries a particular persona and aura of his own.

A Patriotic Film Minus Jingoism

There doesn’t seem to be an outright jingoistic theme in the film which is obviously a good trend in a patriotic film. Considering the current political environment, Project Ghazi could not have found a better release time frame.

All that is required of the film in order to work at the box office now is a good story with acceptable CGI and screenplay. The trailer has undoubtedly succeeded in assuring that the film will deliver this time on all these fronts.

Coming out on 22nd March, Project Ghazi will surely be on the wish list of many cinegoers for the overall unique features it has portrayed in its trailer.


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