Fawad Khan sets the record straight and puts an end to the vaccination controversy

Fawad Khan polio FIR response

The media, yesterday, was all abuzz with the reports of the superstar Fawad Khan being booked for refusing anti-polio vaccination to his kids. It was reported that an FIR had been lodged against The Legend of Maula Jatt star at the Faisal Town police station, along with five other people for the same offense.

A Little Background

It all primarily got highlighted for the general public when the human rights activist and lawyer, Hassaan Niazi, brought this development forward through his Twitter account.

Niazi, who also happens to be the nephew of Prime Minister Imran Khan and the lawyer of film producer Sarwar Bhatti, who is fighting a legal copyrights battle against Bilal Lashari, also tweeted the copy of the FIR against Fawad Khan.

FIR Reads

The FIR copy that was shared by Niazi named Fawad Khan and his driver as the accused. It read that the accused had not only refused the vaccination but made threats of severe consequences against the vaccination team.

Later on, the PM’s spokesperson on the anti-polio drive, Babar Atta, also joined in and it was collectively claimed that the vaccination team was actually scolded by Fawad’s wife, Sadaf, after they tried for two days to convince the family.

The Other Side Responds

With such severe and sensitive allegations, we knew there was going to be a flip side of the story too. And that side is here.

In a press release issued by Fawad’s team, it is said in reply of the FIR reports and other claims made on Twitter that “Nothing could be further from the truth as neither of the parents was home at the time of the visit by the Anti Polio Team.”

“Fawad Khan has been outside Pakistan since the 13th of February where he performed at the PSL opening ceremony in Dubai and is presently in the United States. His travel history clearly demonstrates the manufactured nature of the FIR, and he has just come to know of the FIR through the press,” the document further read.

To support the responding claims, a picture of Fawad Khan with the copy of The New York Times of the same day and date was also issued along with a vaccination card of his daughter. Moreover, the press release also read that Fawad is well aware of the guidelines of W.H.O and CDC and the vaccination of his daughter is all up to date.







Right to Take Legal Action

It must have been truly embarrassing for the actor to face such allegation, especially when he had been doing everything right regarding the vaccination of his kids, and still, his family was dragged into it.

As a response, the press release also mentioned that “Fawad reserves the right for appropriate legal redress including all such remedies against any damages caused by this event, should the FIR not be cancelled.”

Well, we must say that it is only fair on Fawad’s part to take the legal action. And as for the authorities and “Twitter activists”, even if there was a complaint, they should not have come down to such petty tactics as it only ends up tainting a very noble drive.

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