All hail ‘Wrong No. 2’, we now have both happy and sad love songs for the season

After the success of Yasir Nawaz’s directorial debut, Wrong Number, the actor-turned-TV-and-film-director is all set to release the sequel to the same this Eid, which would run alongside Chhalawa in the cinemas.

The trailer for Wrong no. 2 came out towards the end of last month, and surprisingly, has no connection to the first part whatsoever. The entirely new lead cast consists of Sami Khan. Neelum Muneer, Javed Sheikh, and Sana Fakhar among others. In all, it seems like a love story with heaps of humor and some heartbreak injected in between. We did an entire piece on the trailer that can be accessed here (you’re welcome!).

However, the trailer isn’t the only thing that has piqued the audience’s interest, the two songs from the movie, that have released this month have also brought the audience on edge.

Wrong No. 2 giving us love songs of the season

The first song of the movie titled “Yaariyan” is written by Fatima Najeeb, and sung by Harshdeep Kaur whereas the music is composed by Simaab Sen.

The song offers visually appealing scenes, including the “mandatory” dance in the fields (hey, we aren’t complaining. We love us some nice, cliched dance moves) and some sizzling chemistry between Sami Khan and Neelum Muneer. The two look cute in all the scenes, whether it’s riding through the village or engaging in a pillow fight. Overall, the song shows a young couple desperately in love while the fast track coupled with the melodious voice of Harshdeep match the pace of every scene. That’s just love song number one for you.

Break-up song alert

Love song number 2 is rather sad but is exceptionally pleasing to the ears and who doesn’t want some melancholic, laced with feels, love songs, especially in this weather?

Anyway, moving on, the strong vocals in the said song “Tu Hi Har Rang Mein” are lent by Ali Tariq that are further strengthened by the meaningful lyrics and beautiful composition by Ahsan Ali Taj. This song stands above all because of its originality when it comes to lyrics. The singer’s soulful voice has breathed life and emotion into this song.

This broken love song shows heartbreaks and perhaps betrayal. Even the simple background of Sana and Yasir’s scenes does not diminish the strong portrayal of emotions from the two completely versatile actors. Neelum Muneer, clad in bridal attire, looked beautiful in the scenes opposite Sami Khan. This song surely ranks well in the breakup songs list.

With the two starkly different songs, the movie looks promising and interesting. We wish the film good luck and hope that it does well on the box-office. Let’s wait and see how it turns out, keeping our fingers crossed.


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