Horror flick Kataksha’s trailer promises a psychological thriller with new faces

It is raining trailers, hallelujah!

Yes! Just a few days ago, we were enthralled by the trailer of Saqib Malik’s Baaji and now a film with an entirely different genre, albeit of a smaller scale, has dished out its trailer. The film is called Kataksha which is a horror flick, at the backdrop of South Asia’s famous Shri Katas Raj Temples located in Chakwal, Pakistan.

A glimpse into Kataksha‘s trailer

Being an independent Pakistani film, you cannot expect much from the production values of it, as is evident from its trailer. However, what’s interesting and encouraging is the tendency of new and independent filmmakers to not hesitate from trying their hands on the less explored genres in Pakistan. Cases in point: Laal Kabootar, Gumm, Durj, etc. It is essentially these filmmakers who can later transform into bigger production houses and camps. A very good example is IRK-Hareem-Azfar Jafri camp whose first independent film Siyaah was rather small on production values yet rich and strong on the content level. A few years down the lane, we are now all witness to its exponential growth.

Coming to Kataksha‘s trailer, it follows a group of friends who travel to Katas Raj Temples with a mysterious looking driver played by Saleem Mairaj (who is the only well-known face in the film). While on the trip, they seem to face some supernatural entities along with their own conflicts and emotional turmoils.

Of interesting backdrop choice, unusual cast, and more

The two-minute long trailer doesn’t reveal much of the plot except for the basic template narrated above. Although the horror moments in the trailer aren’t spine-chilling enough, the background music and the dialogue exchanges amongst the lead cast are surely impressive at places. As expected, it’s Saleem Mairaj who shines all across the trailer but that doesn’t mean the younger lot isn’t promising enough, as far as their acting prowesses are concerned.

Another interesting aspect is the decision of filmmakers to use the historic Katas Raj Temples as the backdrop for a horror film. Earlier, Katas Temples have been used in rom-coms and music videos for their picturesque value and not as an integral part of a storyline. We do hope that while developing the film and its story, the sanctity of the temples was been kept in mind as the above-mentioned temples are the second holiest religious sights for the Hindu community and hurting their sentiments would be the last thing any sane Pakistani would want.

If the storyline and other content related departments are strong, Kataksha may just prove to be another Siayah for the Pakistani cinema. We will have to wait to see that until the film releases, of course.

Kataksha is written and directed by Abu Alaiha and it stars the acclaimed actor Saleem Mairaj alongside newcomers like Kiran Tabeer, Nimra Shahid, Kasim Khan, and Mubeen Gabol. The film hits the screens on June 21. Mark your calendars if you’re are a fan of desi horror flicks.

You can watch the full trailer here:



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