Baaji’s adaptation of the yesteryear’s classic, ‘Khilti Kali’ is a real winner

Director, Saqib Malik’s Baaji has been in the news ever since the first teaser was released in April 2019, for its casting-coup, Lollywood backdrop, Meera’s bold avatar and the dynamics between the characters of Meera, Osman Khalid Butt, and Amna Ilyas. It is touted as Meera’s comeback film and Saqib’s attempt at showcasing an unexplored side of the contemporary Lollywood industry. The film has further garnered the audience’s interest with its theatrical trailer and the first song Khilti Kali.

A recreation of the yesteryear’s classic

The song Khilti Kali, a yesteryear’s classic sung by the veteran Runa Laila titled as Don’t be Silly for the Pakistani cult classic, Sabaq (1972), has been recreated by team Baaji. The new version is sung by Zeb Bangash, Taha Malik and Osman Khalid Butt. Taha Malik has also composed and recreated the new version.

This song was perceived to be as ahead of its times in the 1970s and has till date remained a cult song. Team Baaji has gone a notch higher and has presented the song in an unprecedented packaging for our cinema viewers.

Highlights of the song

The recreated version is picturized on the iconic Meera, heartthrob Osman Khalid Butt & the stunning Amna Ilyas. Amna Ilyas is the soul of the song with her captivating looks and edgy dance moves, Osman Khalid Butt is the perfect Bhanwra to our new Khilti Kali, Amna. Meera makes the video special and provides the much needed, glamour quotient.

Meera’s glam game on point

Meera enters in the song towards the second half of the song and she steals the limelight with her sultry expressions, confident walk, and effortless dance. She proves why she is still irreplaceable and has all the elements of a raging reigning queen. A special mention to Meera’s shimmery dress and her on-point hair and make-up.

Amna Ilyas’ captivating moves and expressions

The choreographer, Wahab Shah has done an impeccable job with the choreography of the song, we get to see solo dance sequences of Amna and Osman. Amna has danced effortlessly in the song and has done complete justice to Wahab’s tough dance moves. The actress can be seen enjoying herself, she keeps us intrigued with her captivating expressions and proves that she is a talent to look out for, by holding her own ground in the presence of a star of Meera’s stature.

Osman’s solo dancing act

Osman Khalid Butt is a powerhouse performer in this song, the actor who is mostly known and loved for his impeccable comic timing and good looks has shown in the song that he is much more than what the audience expects of him. The actor has performed freestyle dancing with elements of ‘popping and locking’ and has outdone all his previous dancing acts.

Terrific Trio

Another highlight of the song is when the film’s lead trio dance together and each one of them stands out. Meera, Osman & Amna indulge in a dance sequence which is fun and frolic but also gives an idea of the film’s plot in which the two leading ladies try their best to impress Osman’s character. This is dancing and story narration, all in one.

The cinematic aspect

A special mention goes out to the picturization of the songs, the background dancers are a refreshing sight to the eyes. The costumes and styling are bold and unique. The usage of props and lighting further elevates the song’s visualization.

Final Verdict

The song can easily be passed on as a song from an A-list Bollywood magnum-opus. It’s a winner and does complete justice to the song’s goodwill built over the decades. More power to team Baaji for the first-class entertainment that they are providing the cine-goers. The film releases on the 28th of June 2019.


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