The Music of Parey Hut Love is Delightful and Promises Grand Visuals


“The music of Parey Hut Love is very filmy,” is what Asim Raza had claimed when we had last spoken to him about the special song the film’s team had shot after the film’s trailer had been released. Well, today the film’s entire soundtrack got released online on various music streaming platforms and we are very happy to report that all of Asim’s claims about the music album are true. Composed by the young hit-maker of the Pakistani film industry, Azaan Sami Khan, the music of Parey Hut Love is indeed grand, filmy, and also has a track originally composed by one of the most well-known faces of Pakistani music.

The album consists of six tracks in total. Ik Pal sung by Hadiqa Kiyani and Harshdeep Kaur, Haye Dil has Jimmy Khan lending his voice, Behka Na is a duet song by Ali Tariq and Harshdeep Kaur, Balma Bhagora has Aima Baig singing the main verses with Sheheryar Munawar and Ahmed Ali Butt filling in for the rap parts, More Saiyaan is crooned in the beautiful voice of Zeb Bangash, and finally the album ends with a classic Sufi number Zihal-e-Miskin sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Upbeat Dance Numbers

The music video for Ik Pal has already been released by the team and the response for it has been fairly positive. It is a typical mehendi number that is take on an old Punjabi folk song Jind Mahi. The mix of the familiar tune and words with fresh music and lyrics is a perfect way of kick-starting the album as not only does it perfectly capture the grandness of the film, but also captivates the listeners with its infectious melody.

Source: ARY Films

Next up is what we predict is going to be the party bop of the season. Haye Dil is yet another high-energy song with very fun lyrics and an easily hummable melody. A glimpse of the song was shown in the trailer so we know that it is a song picturized on Sheheryar’s character as he laments about his bechara dil that is hell bent on falling in love despite all his best efforts to stop it. Jimmy Khan’s irresistible vocals pull the listeners in and make Haye Dil an anthem of every person who is afraid of falling in love but can’t help falling in love either.

Shades of Love

Following it up is the soulful love ballad Behka Na which changes the mood of the album from upbeat to relaxed. The song employs the use of piano, flute, and violin to set the stage which celebrates the magic of love. The lyrics, which are penned by Asim Raza, talk about the love that sneaks on you unannounced and engulfs you in it to take you on a beautiful journey. The music video for the song perfectly captures that mood as we the characters of Sheheryar and Maya sneaking away from the crowd to enjoy a night out. The song and its video are all about the romance and, avoiding the parey hut in the title, celebrate the soul of the film – love.

If Behka Na is all about the magic of love, the next track Balma Bhagoda is all about sad reality of it. But the song is far from sad; an upbeat dance number, Balma Bhagoda is, as we had reported earlier, a fun jibe at Sheheryar’s commitment phobia in the film. The song speaks about famous folk tales of Sassi-Punnu, Heer-Ranjha, Sohni-Mahiwal, and draws a comparison of how women have to suffer in love be it in any age. The rap verses by Sheheryar Munawar and Ahmed Ali Butt give the song a very contemporary feel and with lines like “one-way pe gaadi ko moda, nigoda balma bhagoda” give the song a very commercial, massy feel.

Classical and Sufi

Morey Saiyaan showcases the diversity of the album by being a through and through classical song. This song is featured on Mahira Khan in the film and a glimpse of it was featured in the trailer where we can see her doing a traditional mujra in a grand setting. Using traditional instruments like sarangi, tabla, dholak, and sitar, the song immediately transforms you to the golden age of Lollywood and Zeb Bangash’s voice provides the perfect guide to revisit that fantasy land.

Source: ARY Films

The album ends with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s qawwali Zihal-e-Miskin, which is a famous sufi poetry by Amir Khusro. There are many musical interpretations of this poety but this song is based on the composition of the Pakistani legend Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. This isn’t the first time Asim Raza has used a sufi poetry as part of his film’s soundtrack; his first film Ho Mann Jahan also had one such track. But while Ghar Naari was all about the celebration of love that came home, Zihal-e-Miskin is about a lover being sorrowful at his beloved’s separation.


Parey Hut Love offers a flavorful soundtrack that has all its bases covered. From catchy dance numbers to familiar folk and sufi songs, there is something for everyone here. The soundtrack of the film is delightful that promises a grand visual treat for the big screen.


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