Ali Rehman Khan Steals The Show in Addi Maar from ‘Heer Maan Ja’

heer maan ja

The first song from IRK’s Eid-ul-Azha film, ‘Heer Maan Ja’ has been released today featuring the main protagonist of the film, Ali Rehman, alongside Lollywood diva, Zara Sheikh. The song, Addi Maar, is performed by Sahara UK and Nindy Kaur, and its music is done by Manj Musik.

It’s a bhangra song

heer maan ja

Addi Maar is the second collaboration between Sahara UK and IRK after the resounding success and popularity of Billo Hai from ‘Parchi’, which featured Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan alongside the rest of the film’s lead cast.

Coming to Addi Maar, the song has potential to become a hit mehndi track amongst the considerable number of Pakistani film songs released this year. The song is a bhangra number and is as catchy as its predecessor, Billo Hai, with elements like electro and hip hop infused.

Ali Rehman looks fresh

heer maan ja

Ali Rehman Khan steals the show as far as performances are concerned. He looks fresh, energetic and pulls off Faizanuddin’s choreography effortlessly, thus oozing an infectious on-screen energy. The actor has proven time and again that apart from looking handsome he can both, act and dance. His parrot-green kurta shines and compliments his blue eyes, complexion and hair.

Zara Sheikh is a let-down

heer maan ja

As for Zara Sheikh, while her entry scene is interesting and her presence in the song brings about a nostalgic feel especially for the audience of the 1990s and 2000s, one can’t help but notice her low energy when it comes to her dance. Dance has never been Zara’s forte even in her heydays in Lollywood so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to her old fans.

The newer audience, however, may find it difficult to digest. Her makeup, hairdo and wardrobe are other let downs which should have been given proper attention since she’s a diva from the past and she should have looked the part. After all, if Meera can look good in a ‘Parey Hut Love’ song, then why not Zara in ‘Heer Maan Ja’?

Nothing special about the dance

The steps aren’t something we haven’t seen before, and honestly, it is Ali Rehman’s presence that make them work. The visuals are, indeed, colorful and the mehndi-shaadi setting does the song justice despite it being on a smaller scale. Addi Maar as a potentially hit mehndi song would surely contribute positively to market a family entertainer like ‘Heer Maan Ja’.

With this catchy number we are keen to see what other songs have the film in store for us.

You can watch the video here:


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